The Monster of Peladon




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Galactic Federation

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The Curse of Peladon

The Monster of Peladon
The Bride of Peladon


The Peladonians (or Pels) were a race of humanoids native to the planet Peladon who retained a feudal culture.

Peladonians were nearly identical to humans, with whom they could reproduce. One of the few ways to tell them apart was the burgundy streak through their white or blond hair. This streak would grow in during adolescence. The other difference was the life-span. Even with medical technology, the Peladonians rarely lived past 65. Before the Galactic Federation’s help, they would be lucky to live past 50, and barely 40 for the miners.

Some Peladonians had blue eyes, which was considered a trait for scholars. (Legacy)

The Peladonians had only one culture, presumably due to the actions of King Erak. All Peladonians were brought together by the worship of Aggedor and the commands of the King. (Legacy)

The Peladonians lived in a feudal society, which had two main classes. The upper class was ruled by a King, who had a High Priest and Chancellors. The upper class had fewer laws and more privileges. The lower class performed all the physical labour, such as the mining. There was also a distinction of rules between men and women. For example, only women of noble blood were allowed in the court-room (The Curse of Peladon) and commoners could be killed for even asking. (Legacy) Following their entrance to the Galactic Federation, they attempted to improve rights for their poeple, though there was opposition to this. (The Monster of Peladon,  Legacy)

The most important figure for the Peladonians was Aggedor. Though it was originally just a noble animal, it eventually came to be worshipped as a god. Aggedor was thought to curse the enemies of Peladon, and defiling the Temple of Aggedor was punishable by death. (The Curse of Peladon)

Though some Peladonians still worshipped Aggedor at that time, by the 41st century, Queen Elspera “did away with religion”, dissolving any churches of Aggedor worship, or as Princess Pandora of Earth and King Pelleas put it, Pandora wouldn’t need to convert to “Aggedorianism” upon marrying Pelleas. In spite of her modernisation of Peladonian culture, however, during her reign, Elspera did not ban arranged marriage. (The Bride of Peladon)

Most Peladonians kept their hair long and slicked back to show off their stripe. Miners, on the other hand, kept their hair short and curly and brushed it so that it would cover theirears and protect them from grit. They would also dye it black with white flecks.

Several sacred artefacts of the Peladonians were the Sword of Truth, the Crown of Sherak, the Chalice of Blood and the Lance of Aggedor. Alcohol was illegal on the planet. (Legacy)

Early in Peladon’s history, the Peladonians were divided into tribes which would select a headmember to serve on a council. This all changed when King Erak attempted to take over the whole planet. He was a cruel king who killed anyone who disobeyed him and forced his people to build him a citadel on Mount Megeshra. He was eventually overthrown by Gart and his son Sherak, though Gart allowed Sherak to take the cr and become king.

Five years later, Sherak planned to explore the dark side of Mount Megeshra. His father thought this idea was suicide, and when Sherak refused to listen, he left forever. Sherak went ahead anyway, but accidentally fell down a cliff. He encountered an Aggedor, and when it saved him from fourother Aggedors, he named the Aggedor protectorof the royal family. (Legacy)

Many generations later, King Kellian had come into power. In 3864, Princess Ellua of Earth crashed on Peladon afterone of her ships was damaged in an edition storm and the other ships tried to save it. After helping her contact the Galactic Federation, the king fell in love with her and they married. Six months later, Peladon applied to join the Galactic Federation. They decided that Peladon needed more time to develop, and planned to return in 3885. In 3865, Ellua had a son named Peladon. In 3877, Kellian was killed in a hunting accident and Peladon came into power.

Circa 3885, Peladon was trying to get Peladon accepted into the Galactic Federation, a move opposed by more conservative Peladonians, such as High Priest Hepesh. In the original timeline, Arcturus would have killed Alpha Centauri and blamed the Ice Warriors. This would lead to infighting in the Federation, allowing The Daleks to take over the galaxy unopposed. The Time Lords sent the Third Doctor and Jo Grant to Peladon to avert this, and Peladon was accepted into the Federation. (The Curse of Peladon, Legacy)

Circa 31024, during the Federation’s war with Galaxy 5, the planet was found to contain trisilicate, which was vital for the war effort. The lower class was forced into mining the trisilicate, which caused further unrest between the classes. (The Monster of Peladon)

In 3985, King Tarrol, the son of Thalira, invited Federation delegates to Peladon for his cornonation. During the course of this event, many of the sacred artefacts were stolen, the Seventh Doctor was accused of the murderof Lianna and “executed”, all aliens were banished from Peladon, the Ice Warrior delegate Savaar was blamed and “executed” for attacking the High Priestess Atissa, and the Diadem, an ancient artefact of evil, was brought to Peladon. In the end, the problems were solved, but the Advisor Geban was killed by the criminal Nic Reece and the High Priestess Atissa departed for the dark side of Mount Megeshra.

Seeing the destruction that had been done, King Tarrol decided that Peladon needed to see if it could survive on its own, and severed all ties with the Galactic Federation. Though King Tarrol intended the Federation to return in 4035 to see if more help was needed, The Dalek invasion in the 4010s meant the collapse of the Federation. (Legacy)

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