Lady Peinforte

Silver Nemesis


Lady Peinforte

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Silver Nemesis

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Fiona Walker


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Lady Peinforte was a seventeenth century noblewoman who sought the power of the Nemesis statue.

She had made the sculpture from the Gallifreyan substance Validium and in doing so, learned much about The Doctor.

She became aware not only of his alien heritage but a great deal more besides. However, The Doctor sent the statue into deep space to protect his secrets.

Peinforte time travelled to the twentieth century, knowing exactly when it was due to return.

She battled both the Cybermen and neo-Nazis for control of Nemesis, finally allowing her physical body to merge with the statue, which absorbed her completely. The statue, now resembling Lady Peinforte, launched itself into space, wiping out the Cybermen completely.

Lady Peinforte and her servant made their way to her tomb, where the Cybermen had hidden the statue, believing that foreknowledge of her death would drive her mad.

Although clearly a powerful and dangerous enemy, the exact circumstances that led to Lady Peinforte gaining such power are unclear, although the available evidence suggests that she was actually secretly aided by outside sources without her knowledge. An evil woman with arcane power and knowledge verging on witchcraft, at some point in the past, Lady Peinforte acquired a sample of Validium – a living metal created as the ultimate defence for Gallifrey back in the early days of Rassilon and Omega, which she sculpted into a statue of herself carrying a bow and arrow, describing it as ‘immaculate beauty carved in absolute evil’. The exact details of Lady Peinforte’s first encounter with The Doctor are unknown, but it is known that it featured a battle between soldiers loyal to Lady Peinforte and Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads, culminating in The Doctor launching the Validium asteroid into space to prevent it from reaching critical mass, Lady Peinforte retaining the arrow while the bow was left in Windsor Castle until it vanished in 1788.


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