Pazithi Avenue



Pazithi Avenue






Intervention Earth


Pazithi Avenue was a street located in the planet Gallifrey’s Capitol city. It ran in a south-east to north-west direction and could be traversed to reach the Shrine of Pandak from the headquarters of the Celestial Intervention Agency.

Narvin, the Coordinatorof the Celestial Intervention Agency, once walked along the street accompanied by Agents Kalzon and Balmundi. He was planning to meet Cardinal Pertinax at the Shrine of Pandak by sunset and complained that if he had known the brief walk would take so long he would have taken a TARDIS, despite the Shrine being located barely a mile from the Agency. Around this time Lady President Romana, now in her third incarnation, sought to investigate suspicions seeded by Adjutant Coordinator Tauras that Narvin may have betrayed her and assigned her bodyguard, Commander Lukas, to follow him and report back. Lukas briefly tailed Narvin along Pazithi Avenue until he ran into Vale Endrogan. Not wanting to blow his cover by disregarding an acquaintance, Lukas left with her to walk through the Tamandra Gardens While Narvin continued along Pazithi Avenue without being tailed. (Intervention Earth)

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