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Oswald Danes



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The New World

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The Blood Line

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Bill Pullman

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Oswald Danes was a former teacher convicted of the rape and murder of a child. He expressed no shame over those actions. He appeared to take pleasure in people’s comments towards him; he claimed being called a “monster” made him feel special.

Jack Harkness seemed to see him as one “cursed” with intelligence; Jack said he thought Oswald was smart enough to know who he was, and to want to end his life as a result.

After being freed from prison by legal loopholes, Oswald was persuaded to become PhiCorp’s spokesman for their medicines by Jilly Kitzinger for protection from people who still wished him dead. Eventually, he met with Torchwood and helped them in their plan to return humanity’s mortality, as he had grown tired of his new life and wished to die. He killed himself and the Mother willingly, hoping for an enjoyable afterlife, even in Hell.

In 2006, Danes was convicted guilty of the rape and murder of twelve-year-old Susie Cabina, something he claimed in court to be the greatest moment of his life. At his trial, he said “she should have ran faster.” He was held in prison for the next five years until his punishment was issued. He spent time in solitary confinement, which is when he realised the guards were putting urine in his food; he took it in stride. (The New World)


He was sentenced to death, and executed by lethal injection in 2011. He survived, the first to experience the Miracle at the very beginning of Miracle Day. The experience was painful as he would have normally died peacefully from the injection. As his sentence was technically carried out, his lawyers advanced a force majeure argument successfully, apparently flavoured with Fifth and Eighth Amendment implications. This induced the reluctant Governor of Kentucky to parole him. He was met with scorn by other inmates for being lucky enough for getting out, as well of that of the people wanting him dead. (The New World)


He made an appearance on WWCN in which he broke down and cried, apologising profusely for his crimes. This shifted opinion in his favour — opinion which had been solidly against him when he left Montrose Hill State Penitentiary. Public relations guru Jilly Kitzinger offered her services to him, but he declined, saying that he didn’t need representation. (Rendition) After being beaten by two police officers, Oswald accepted Jilly’s offer and attended a meeting at PhiCorp. He agreed to promote PhiCorp efforts to sell drugs without prescriptions. PhiCorp offered him bodyguards.

Captain Jack Harkness broke into the studio where Oswald was going to appear on television. Oswald admitted his repentance was an act. The murder and rape of Susie Cabina had been the best moment of his life. Jack inferred Oswald wanted to be executed, but Oswald had his bodyguards punch Jack in the stomach and escort him out of the building. Out on the street, a woman approached Jack and asked if he’d seen or touched Oswald, implying he was some kind of deity. Oswald addressed the nation, promising them new drugs and laws. He said this was a new era for mankind, before asking them just one thing, “Walk with me.” (Dead of Night)

Soon afterward Ellis Hartley Monroe began preaching a contrasting message, calling for the segregation of those who should be dead and the “living”: “Dead is Dead”. Her campaign gained media attention, surpassing Oswald. On one occasion Danes was supposed to give a press conference in front of a hospital where the worst medical cases were abandoned, only to find Ellis there, giving her own conference. To upstage her, Oswald entered the building to comfort the patients and pledge his help for their plight. The reporters turned their attention to him, especially when he held up an abandoned baby and promised a comfortable life for her. Ellis lost favour in the public’s eye and disappeared soon afterwards. (Escape to LA)

Oswald was hired to speak at the Miracle rally in Los Angeles. It became clear that not everyone had forgiven him when bottles were thrown at his car. He was approached again by Jack, who asked for his help in exposing PhiCorp, reading a prepared statement by Jack instead of his speech by Jilly. In return he would make sure that Oswald got his wish and died. On stage, however, he ignored Jack and Jilly and started an improvised rant about humanity evolving into everlasting angels. The audience cheered and chanted his name. (The Categories of Life)

Oswald was quoted as saying he believed the Categories of life policy was a good idea. (Immortal Sins) Soon after, he asked Jilly to hire a prostitute for him. The prostitute offered to act like a young girl for him. Oswald bristled; he wanted a proper dinner date. She refused and said he would be a “Category Zero” soon. Oswald demanded Jilly tell him what Category Zero was. She admitted it was a new system. Criminals like Oswald would soon be incinerated as it was the only sure way to kill someone now. He attacked Jilly and went on the run. (End of the Road)


After two months, Oswald turned his attentions to Jack, learning of his ties to Gwen Cooper. He escaped to Wales and entered her household in the disguise of a grocery delivery man. However, he was recognised when he picked up baby Anwen and was beaten by Gwen with a saucepan and tied up. He took this beating without any complaint. He expected it. He had information useful to the team in locating the Blessing. Rhys wanted to kill Oswald for his crimes and the threat he posed to Anwen. He found Gwen calling him a monster flattering, which made Rhys even angrier.

Oswald had a mutual blackmail with Jack; if Jack gave him to the authorities, Oswald would reveal Jack’s identity. He insisted he accompany Jack and Gwen to Shanghai once they uncovered the truth of where one of the poles of the Blessing was. Oswald learned Jack came from the future and asked what happens if they succeed; Jack could not give a definite answer as time can be rewritten. When Jack changed his bandages, Oswald noticed a drop of his blood moving on its own. The Blessing was drawing the blood to it. (The Gathering)


After hearing from Gwen, Jack and Oswald entered the warehouse in Shanghai with her. They found explosives and strapped them to Oswald’s chest to hold the families hostage. Looking at the Blessing, Oswald was confronted by his inner demons, something Jilly made fun of because he could use the explosives to kill them before the Miracle was negated. With Jack’s help, Oswald regained his composure, claiming he was accustomed to the feeling of sin. Oswald watched as the Miracle was negated by Jack’s blood, causing Jack’s death. He grabbed the Mother, waiting for Gwen and Jilly to escape before dying; he ignored the Mother’s promises of gifts if he let her go. Jack came back to life and escaped with them. Before he detonated the explosives, the Mother said he was going to Hell. Oswald gleefully agreed and vowed to hunt down Susie Cabina there. Oswald detonated the explosive, killing himself and the Mother, burying the Blessing in rubble. (The Blood Line)


Oswald was always rather calm, even when angered, happy or facing his own execution, showing a great deal of self control. (The New WorldThe Blood Line) He was also a remarkable actor, pretending to cry uncontrollably in repentance for murdering Susie Cabina. (The New World) However, he lapsed when he was truly enjoying himself. (Dead of Night, The Blood Line)

He enjoyed being called a monster, finding the fact people call him such names as flattering, and revelled in his acts of evil. (The Gathering) Oswald did not let fame go to his head, even after becoming PhiCorp’s spokesman. (Dead of NightEnd of the Road) He was also very observant of the world, knowing how people thought and what could happen; as Jack put it, Oswald was cursed with intelligence. (The New WorldThe Blood Line)


The Sainted Danes – Given by the people of France during Miracle Day in Escape to LA


During pre-production of Torchwood: Miracle Day, this character’s name was reported as “Oswald Jones”. (DWM 427)
Despite his death in the series, Pullman has expressed interest in reprising his role as Danes in a future Torchwood episode or Doctor Who.

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