Option Lock

Option Lock
Option Lock


Landing in present-day England, all appears serene as The Doctor and Sam emerge from the TARDIS into the idyllic grounds of the Silver family’s ancestral home. Only when they enter the house do they suspect things are not what they seem.

How far-reaching is the strange powerof a secret society almost 700 years old, and how is it linked to the mysterious Station Nine? And what is the significance of a series of paintings that drove a man to suicide?

From thirteenth-century England to the former Soviet Union, from the United States to the cold wastes of space, the various strands of a complex plan come together and threaten to engulf the world in a nightmare of nuclear destruction…


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  • Option Lock was the eighth novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series
  • Samantha Jones still bites her fingernails. She gets hypnotised and memories hidden. She tries growing her hair longer than its usual short cropped cut, but regrets the decision when she is pulled by it toward a Khameirian.
  • Norton Silver is a freelance hypnotist for the Ministry of Defence.
  • Pete Kellerman is the replacement of America’s previous national security advisor who was assassinated. He is also a member of the alchemists and also a descendant of the original alchemists.
  • Tanner and Allworthy are Silver’s servants and are also descendants of the original alchemists and members of their society.
  • The TARDIS suffers a “critical artron energy drain”.

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