One Mile Down

One Mile Down

One Mile Down

Regular Cast

David Tennant (The Doctor), Catherine Tate (Donna Noble), Nicholas Briggs (Judoon Captain / Clo), Eleanor Crooks (Patricia Derbyshire),
Rakie Ayola (Andrea), Christopher Naylor (Pickus), Robert Whitelock (Garth / Thispus)


3.2 No Place by Jenny T Colgan

Donna and the Doctor take a holiday – in the beautiful underwater city of Vallarasee.

Things have changed since The Doctor last swam through it: Vallarasee is now enclosed inside an airdome. Judoon patrol historic sites, and instead of tourists wearing helmets to breathe, the native Fins are forced to adapt.

But leaks have begun to trickle into the dome, and the Doctor and Donna must convince the Judoon that disaster is imminent. Or else thousands will be trapped, as the waters rise…


David Tennant and Catherine Tate are back as The Doctor and Donna in the Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 3. And they’re taking the family with them…
The Doctor, Donna and Sylvia Noble and Wilfred Mott are back, three adventures are coming out May 2019

Out for release in May 2019, we’ll pop back into history where menacing threats lurk in 1950s London’s smog in an entrancing tale by Roy Gill, we’ll explore dangerous underwater worlds with the Judoon in a thriller by Jenny T Colgan, and James Goss takes The Doctor, Donna and family on their most treacherous journey yet… into the horrifying world of reality television!

Jacqueline King who plays Donna’s mother, the incomparable Sylvia Noble, told us about returning to the role: “Doctor Who has been the gift that keeps on giving. I started, believing I was to appear in one Christmas episode, then was thrilled to appear in more. I recently returned to the role with Big Finish and it was like putting a cherished old sweater back on. That old sweater will have to be washed and conditioned ready for this episode with the A team back in full. Can’t believe my luck. I’m guessing it might actually feel a bit emotional.”

“Three box sets in and my excitement about working on the Tenth Doctor Adventures is as strong as ever, ” says producer David Richardson. “When we first started thinking about this new set of stories, I emailed Russell T Davies to ask about including Sylvia. He suggested we should try for Wilf too – it had neveroccurred to me that we might be able to get Bernard Cribbins involved. But a call to Bernard’s agent revealed how delighted he was by the prospect, and there we had it – the Noble family together again, nine years after they last appeared on .”

Doctor Who – the Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume Three (Limited Edition) is available now for pre-order. A five-disc collector’s edition – limited to 5, 000 copies – is available on CD in deluxe bookset packaging for a pre-release price of £35, with the download version for £25.

Included with the limited edition CD release, Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 costume designer June Hudson has created costume designs for the creatures and aliens, and writer and SFX specialist Mike Tucker has created storyboards for the new stories. With behind-the-scenes interviews from some of the cast and crew as well, this limited edition makes for an unmissable audio package.

The three episodes, No Place, One Mile Down and the Creeping Death can also be bought individually for £8.99 on download and £10.99 on CD. Or you can buy all three together in a bundle for £22 on download and £25 on CD.

We also have some special offers on the other stories in the Tenth Doctor Adventures.

Go to URL offers/v/tendigital and enter access code DONNA to get these special offers. These offers expire at 23:59 (UK time) on (changing) so don’t miss out.


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