Ocean Waters



Ocean Waters



Place of Origin:



The Vault of Secrets

Main Actor:

Cheryl Campbell


Ocean Waters was the founderof BURPSS. She had a dog called Bowie.

In 1972, Ocean was abducted, and had her memories erased by the Men in Black. She encountered Mister Dread at the time. She had a disc that could be used to access the vault in St Jude’s Hospital. She claimed to have encountered these “Men in Black”, and founded BURPSS, but was never taken seriously due to the name.

In 2010, she and Melvin Minton, known as Minty, were operating BURPSS when Gita Chandra joined. Gita claimed to have seen Androvax on Bannerman Road. Ocean and Minty came to investigate, and later Sarah Jane Smith came and asked her about Mister Dread and the Men in Black. She showed Sarah Jane her disc, but it was taken by Androvax in the body of Clyde Langer. The Men in Black arrived and told her and everybody else in the room to “prepare to be incinerated”. The incineration was averted, and Ocean told BURPSSof the incident.

Lateron, she and Minty returned to Sarah Jane’s house. Gita’s memory had been wiped, so she did not recognise them and Sarah Jane denied everything, leading Ocean and Minty to believe they had all been mind wiped. (The Vault of Secrets)


Ocean is the latest in a long line of individuals in The Doctor Who universe to have water themed names, following Celeste Rivers, Jackson Lake, River Song, and Amy Pond.

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