Played By:

Morven Christie

Home Planet:



Systems Technician, The Drum (Underwater Mining Facility)

First Appearance:

Under the Lake

Latest Appearance:

Before the Flood

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It’s bigger on the inside! It’s bigger on the inside! How can it be bigger on the inside? How, Bennett?

The Doctor’s biggest fan on The Drum. But try to play it cool

Blunt and fiery, O’Donnell is the Systems Technician who deep down couldn’t be more thrilled that the infamous Doctor has landed on The Drum – even if that does mean being chased by the homicidal ghosts of her dead crewmates! Skilled and calm under pressure, O’Donnell quickly embraces The Doctor’s curiosity about the ghosts and uses her technical know-how to assist in his search for a scientific explanationabout how they have been created and what they might want.

O’Donnell can’t resist the opportunity to wind up nervous Bennett, especially when they both get the chance to board the TARDIS and travel in time with The Doctor! But whilst meeting aliens and visiting the past is thrilling, O’Donnell soon discovers that there is a price to travelling with The Doctor. O’Donnell is killed by the Fisher King, the real source of the scratched message that turns the dead into ghosts…and having seen the writing on the space hearse is doomed to return to The Drum as another ghost intent on killing Clara and the remainder of the crew.

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