Afflicted With:

Arapaho tribe; the Remote


The Book of the War


Nunaha’wu (roughly translated as “I am not existing” or “We were not here”) was the seventh degree of Arapaho warrior society. As opposed to the lower degrees, this distinction was marked not by a dance, weapon, or badge of honour, but by a Rubbing Ceremony where the initiate was erased from time. Instead of fighting, these warriors would perform ceremonies and prayers in invisible “bone lodges” to ensure victory for their allies. No one was sure how a tribe member was called to this rank, and even the eighth and highest degree of Arapaho warriors, the seven venerable “Grandfathers”, knew nothing about the Nunaha’wu rituals. The degree was a metaphorical remembrance of Faction Paradox, who used the Arapaho in their Native American Remote experiments. (The Book of the War)

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