Series 7 Repackaged



The Complete Seventh Series Repackaged Set


Number of DVDs 5
DVD Number TBA
Certification 12
Duration 692 minutes


A completely fresh look: bigger, better, more dramatic and shot in HD.

Matt Smith The Doctor, mercurial & energetic. Jenna Coleman joins as the new companion

Cover Blurb

The Doctor The Widow And The Wardrobe/Asylum of the Daleks/ Dinosaurs on a Spaceship /
A Town Called Mercy / The Power Of Three / The Angels Take Manhattan /
The Snowmen / The Bells of St John / The Rings Of Akhaten /
Cold War / Hide / Journey To The Centre of the TARDIS /
The Crimson Horror / Nightmare In Silver / The Name of the Doctor

14 x BEHIND THE SCENES / Doctor Who on the nerdist
The Science of Doctor Who / Doctor Who in the U.S
The Companions / Doctor Who At Comic Con
Prequels / Commentaries / Featurettes


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