Let’s Kill Hitler Prequel


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Let’s Kill Hitler Prequel

Series 6


First Transmitted

14 August 2011

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Series 6 Set


Series 6 Volume 2 DVD


Matt Smith
Let's Kill Hitler Prequel
Let's Kill Hitler Prequel
Let's Kill Hitler Prequel
Let's Kill Hitler Prequel
Let's Kill Hitler Prequel
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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by not credited
Produced by Marcus Wilson


Amy leaves a message on the TARDIS’ answering machine. She speaks about her baby and what to do when he finds her. She knows that her baby will become River Song, but still wants to raise her. She is living in the hope that the Eleventh Doctor will find Melody. She doesn’t know if The Doctor is listening to her and is leaving a message, hoping he will listen to it.

The Doctor is shown to be off to the side, silently listening to her message with all the lights in the control room turned off in an attempt to feel more at ease while in a lowly mood. He cannot bring himself to answer any of Amy’s calls as they grow increasingly impatient and worried, eventually closing his eyes and trying to block out the intense feelings of regret that hearing the calls has brought upon him.


  1. Amy thinks it’s possible The Doctor might think she’s invisible. The Doctor has met several invisible species, the most recent of which that we have seen is the Krafayis. (Vincent and The Doctor)
  2. Amy mentions a “space bubble” as something in which she is not trapped. Previously she has seen Gravity bubbles and a Space loop.
  3. This is a prologue to Let’s Kill Hitler.
  4. This prequel is the first to featureThe Doctor, a companion or the TARDIS.Earlier prequels featured guest characters and aliens from the respective episode.

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