Kind Woman



Kind Woman

Place of Origin:

Agua Centina


Brindle Dee


Kind woman’s husband


Empire of Death

Main TV Actor:

Sian Clifford


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A woman from Agua Centina was one of the few survivors of the death waves sent by Sutekh to eradicate all life in the universe. She had a husband and a daughter, Brindle Dee.

After the initial death wave, she lived in a tent, giving food and supplies to the few travellers who passed by. Her memory deteriorating due to the waves, she could not remember that her daughter was dead, but remembered other details such as the presence of an opera house. She also forgot both her own name and that of her planet.

The Fifteenth Doctor encountered her while searching for something metal and real with which to repair the Remembered TARDIS he was travelling in. The woman gave him a drink, and a spoon, telling him about what she remembered. Admitting she was very tired, she sat down and succumbed to the death wave, crumbling into dust. The Doctor promised her beforehand that he would try to fix things.

After The Doctor defeated Sutekh, the woman, along with the rest of Agua Centina, was restored to life. She was seen playing with her daughter. (Empire of Death)

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