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Empire of Death



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22 June 2024

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Empire of Death
Empire of Death
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Regular Cast

Ncuti Gatwa (The Doctor), Millie Gibson (Ruby Sunday)

Guest Cast

Jemma Redgrave (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart), Bonnie Langford (Melanie Bush), Yasmin Finney (Rose Noble), Alexander Devrient (Colonel Ibrahim), Lenny Rush (Morris Gibbons), Genesis Lynea (Harriet), Susan Twist (Susan Triad), Fela Lufadeju (Bailey Sinclair), Michelle Greenidge (Carla Sunday), Angela Wynter (Cherry Sunday), Anita Dobson (Mrs Flood), Tachia Newall (Colonel Chidozie), Jasmine Bayes (Corporal Sullivan), Aidan Cook (The Vlinx), Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Vlinx), Sian Clifford (Kind Woman), Faye McKeever (Louise Miller)


Written by Russell T Davies
Directed by Jamie Donoughue
Produced by Vicki Delow


The Doctor has lost, his ageless enemy reigns supreme, and a shadow is falling over creation. Nothing can stop the devastation… except, perhaps, one woman.


Susan Triad releases Sutekh’s Dust of Death, a substance resembling dust that kills on contact, into the room. Everybody nearby is killed except the Fifteenth Doctor and Mel, who manage to flee the building. Over the radio, The Doctor tells Kate Lethbridge-Stewart that they’re on the way back: she must contain Sutekh until they arrive. Kate orders her men to fire on Sutekh, but the bullets have no effect. Through Harriet, Sutekh releases more dust into the UNIT building. Everybody present is killed, including Rose, Morris, and the Vlinx. Kate tells The Doctor that she has to hope he will defeat Sutekh before she too disintegrates into nothing.

As Mel and the Doctor drive away on Mel’s moped, a colossal cloud of the dust begins to sweep through London. At Ruby’s house, Mrs Flood asks Cherry Sunday if she believes in the power of prayer, instructing her to “tell your maker I will come to storm down his gates of gold and seize his kingdom in my true name”. Cherry is confused and asks who Flood is, but Flood mournfully responds “I had such plans…” as both are killed by the dust. Carla Sunday, stuck in traffic in central London, is also a victim of the dust.

The Doctor and Mel arrive at UNIT HQ. Thanks to Ruby Sunday’s presence, it is snowing. Ruby asks The Doctor why she can’t see her mother via the time window, but he tells her that they have more important problems. He enters the TARDIS, then smiles and chuckles seeing the interior, containing various mementos of his past. Using his sonic screwdriver on the TV outside showing the VHS cassette recording of the night of the night of Ruby’s birth, he explains that this the “TARDIS remembered.” He tells Ruby that she is feeding it, that it feeds off memories. He tells her to give it all she has and the light atop it lights up.

Behind them appears Sutkeh and the other TARDIS. Out from it steps Harriet Arbinger, as Sutkeh calls The Doctor his “old friend.” The Doctor calls him the Death of Ages and the Typhonian Beast, as the monitor he took using the sonic screwdriver depicts a scene from his previous incarnation’s encounter with Sutekh. The Doctor explains how he had cast Sutekh into the Time Vortex, to his death, but Sutekh explains that instead he actually managed to cling to the Doctor’s TARDIS and hid, travelling with him all tha time.

Harriet enters the TARDIS and operates a control, as Sutekh declares that he can bend it to his will, the altar of his empire of death. He tells The Doctor it will never be his again. He tells him that he saw the name of Susan Foreman, a perfect trap, and that the various women with Susan Triad’s face are his angels of death. The Doctor damns him, telling him he will defeat him and turn back death. He asks why he is still alive, what is stopping Sutekh from killing him. He asks about the doubt he feels, how he feels alive. Sutekh lunges and the Doctor shouts to run. The group enters the Memory TARDIS, The Doctor explaining that it is bits and pieces of every TARDIS there ever was. He flips a switch and it takes off, up and off the Earth, various bits of equipment shorting out and items tumbling all over the place. As The Doctor has Ruby and Mel tie stuff down, Mel points out that they’re on fire, which the Doctor puts out.

The TARDIS finally stabilises. The group lets out a nervous chuckle, the Doctor explaining that the rope he just used to tie things down is intelligent rope, similar to the intelligent gloves he used on the first day he and Ruby met. He tells them that the screen is holding the TARDIS together. Ruby asks if the women with Susan’s face they met were all real and he tells her that they were, that Sutekh took advantage of the TARDIS’s perception filter. When he mentions that this filter casts a field at 66.7 metres. Ruby recognises it as equivalent to 73 yards, but does not know how she knows this. Mel points out that he had landed on Earth over 100 times and the Doctor says this is why Susan Triad had become such an important figure. Ruby asks just what Susan has done and the Doctor opens the doros of the TARDIS, seeing Sutekh’s dust overtake the Earth. He says there is nothing he can do, that it’s happening throughout time and space, every world he ever stood upon. Mel is astonished that even The Daleks are dead. She says there must be somewhere is dead, but he tells her he has travelled so far. He says he thought it was fun. He screams.

Sutekh comments to Susan that the universe is silent in death, but that one thing keeps living, something even greater the Time Lord, the secret that Ruby carries with her. He declares that he will find them. Meanwhile, on a desolate planet, The Doctor meets with a woman. He asks her where they are, but she tells him she doesn’t know, that she only has chaffee. She asks where he came from and he says only that he got lost. She tells him he she hasn’t seen anyone in weeks. She hushes a baby in a cradle, telling him that she thinks she may have called the child Brindle Dee, but that memory is dying. She says she can’t remember her husband’s name either, that people used to come. He asks if she has any metal and she gives him a spoon. He tells her he might save the universe with it. She tells him she thinks her daughter died and that she forgot. She tells him that the death wave can travel down the family line, that it can even travel backwards, from child to mother. The Doctor watches as she turns to dust before his eyes.

The Doctor returns to the Memory TARDIS, explaining that they needed something real and not just memories to fuel things. He inserts in into the monitor, which displays an image of Sutekh as he once was. He explains that the time window is still connected. Ruby asks what changed, why it is that Sutekh is only just now going on the attack. The time window shows the cloaked form of Ruby’s mother. The Doctor speculates that Sutekh saw in the time window the one thing beyond his comprehension, Ruby’s mother. This drove him crazy, being able to see the whole of time and space, yet not see this one woman. He is keeping them alive to figure out the answer. Ruby wonders just what she is if her mother is so big and mysterious, but The Doctor assures her that she is absolutely human. As Ruby wonders how her mother could be so important, Mel starts to nod off, exhausted, then hears the voice of Sutekh, whispering her name and that he sees her. Susan declares that they can find the living through time, space and family.

The time window shows a scene of Roger ap Gwilliam doing an interview with Amol Rajan, campaigning for Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and proposing a nationwide DNA database. The Doctor wonders why the monitor would be showing Ruby this when she has never been to 2046, but realises that this is their answer. The DNA database did come to be, and therefore Ruby’s mother would be in it if she was still alive. Ruby wonders how this can be when there is no 2046 anymore, but The Doctor explains that his once having landed there means that it is a fixed point. Sutekh whispers to Mel that he sees them, that every living thing contains dead cells. “Bring them to Sutekh,” urges Susan.

The group arrives in 2046, The Doctor telling them that the building was once the Department of Health and he was there for Gwilliam’s overthrow. The DNA database had top security, but he was the one who invented it. He uses his screwdriver and succeeds in accessing the database, telling Mel to keep watch. He tells her to not to take any risks, that they’re all getting out. “Find the name,” she tells him. She leans up against a wall, looking utterly exhausted. She hears Sutekh’s voice, telling her to submit to him. Back in the other room, The Doctor pricks Ruby’s finger. He submits the blood into the database, telling her to press search, that somewhere is her mother’s name and they could possibly use it to fight Sutekh. “Who is she?” wonders Ruby as Sutekh contains whispering to Mel and the “Carol of the Bells” begins playing. It begins snowing as the database continues its search. Mel shivers in the snow and the ceiling cracks. The database reports that a DNA match has been confirmed. She turns, only to see Mel standing before the Doctor. Her hand is outstretched and her face is ghastly.

The Doctor tells Ruby he’s sorry and Mel that he loved her. In the awful voice of Sutekh’s minions, she asks him what good love did, when it ever helped. She demands they give Sutekh the name. Harriet teleports them all aboard the TARDIS, Mel telling him that she brought him a gift, the last two creatures in existence to die at his hand, and that he can end their wretched half-life. He tells Ruby to show him the name. The Doctor pleads with him, approaching and telling him he will worship him. Unmoved, Sutekh manipulates The Doctor, causing him to shimmer with green and fall to the floor. He tells him he has lived far too long and Ruby rushes forward, shouting that she has the name. The Doctor shouts at her to stop, but she asks Sutekh to just let The Doctor go. She tells Sutekh the screen found the name, but that she doesn’t understand, that she wishes she could. She says she found it, that maybe he can understand. She holds it out the screen, saying that maybe it’s for him. Behind her, The Doctor rises and she drops the screen to the floor, shattering it.

Ruby calls him a great big god of nothing and the Doctor pulls his intelligent rope out of his pocket, snaring Sutekh with it like a leash. Ruby grabs and it pulls tight and the Doctor takes it with his intelligent gloves. He tells Sutekh that he knew, that Mel was too cold. “Die at the hand of Sutekh” declare Mel and Susan, stepping forward, but the Doctor blows his whistle. This controls the levers in the TARDIS, causing it to power up and blast Harriet, who is still inside, with energy. It rockets forward and the Doctor and Ruby enter, The Doctor securing the rope to the TARDIS’s console. He pulls a lever, declaring that they are heading into the vortex. Outside, Sutekh is pulled along in the slipstream. The Doctor instructs Ruby to hold the lever down. He goes to the opening of the TARDIS, telling Sutekh that he saw all of time and space with him and he wondered what would happen if he saw it again, if you bring death to death. He says that the answer is that you bring life. Outside, the Earth is restored to life, Mel and the others waking up at Unit HQ, everyone completely restored, the dust vanishing. In the Sundays’ home, Mrs Flood and Cherry cry out in joy, Mrs Flood calling the Doctor a “clever boy.”

In the vortex, The Doctor shouts that they are bringing death to death everywhere. Ruby asks what is happening and the Doctor tells her that they are bringing life to the whole universe. He lists off some of the many planets that have been restored, such as Telos and the Ood-Sphere. On Agua Santina, the kind woman The Doctor received the spoon from raises her baby with joy. The Doctor kisses Ruby on the head, telling her that they fought a monster and he must now become a monster. He steps to the opening of the TARDIS again, telling Sutekh that he wins because he prides himself that he’s better than him because if he’s death, then he must represent life. He tells Sutekh that this is how he wins, by turning him into someone who brings death. “No!” growls Sutekh, lunging for the TARDIS, but The Doctor closes the doors, severing the rope and casting Sutekh into the vortex, in which he disintegrates. The Doctor drops to the floor, folding his arms.

Back on Earth in 2024, The Doctor and Ruby return to UNIT HQ. Susan Triad is there, The Doctor having just summarised for her the nature of her existence. She notes that she still has her memories, her family, asking if all of it is still true. He tells her that it absolutely is and Mel agrees that the God of Death created life. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart tells her that he gave her a very good brain and that they could use her at UNIT. Susan says that she’d do anything to help, that she can make the tea. Christofer Ibrahim asks if she made the tea he is drinking. She agrees she did and he tells her to not make anymore. Morris Gibbons eats pizza and Carla Sunday tells Ruby that she had to walk home and was told off by Cherry for not dusting.

Carla thanks The Doctor for bringing Ruby home and Kate agrees he brought them all back. She says they only remember echoes of what happened. A computer chimes and Morris says that they’ve done it. The Vlinx reports that the DNA retrieval is 100%, they’ve found Ruby’s biological mother. A photograph appears on screen. She is a woman named Louise Alison Miller, 35 years old and 15 when she gave birth to Ruby. Her stepfather was trouble, so she hid the pregnancy. Ruby’s father is a William Benjamin Garnet, also 15 at the time of Ruby’s birth. Kate continues that Louise moved to Coventry and got a degree, becoming a nurse. Ruby wonders at her being so ordinary, that she loves her for that, but she doesn’t understand how she could have defeated Sutekh. The Doctor tells Ruby that she was important because they thought she was important, that it’s how everything happens, that people invest things with significance. This made Louise’s existence more powerful than Time Lords and even Gods. Rose and Mel note that Louise was pointing at the Doctor, but he explains that they cleaned up the tape, that she was actually pointing at the signpost for Ruby Road, that her Ruby’s mother chose her name.

Sometime following, The Doctor and Ruby stand in front of the TARDIS, parked on a street in front of a cafe. The Doctor tells Ruby that Louise is happy, that she has a flat and a man named Mike and is going to Spain in three weeks. He tells Ruby that Louise has had plenty of time to come and find her, but never did. “I found her,” comments Ruby, but The Doctor says it was with a time machine, asking if it’s fair, that Louise made her choices and they should leave her alone. Ruby, however, steps forward and enters the cafe. She goes to the counter and orders an oat cappuccino. She then sits down across from Louise. She stares for a bit and the man behind the counter calls her name, “Ruby.” She says that it’s her, that she was named after a road. She continues that Louise left her by a church. She tells her she wants to thank her for leaving her somewhere safe. They hug and the Doctor smiles.

They return to the Sundays’ home, where Louise says that she always thought she should get in touch, every Christmas, but was worried that Ruby might hate her. Cherry tells her there’s no hate in their home, and Carla says what she does have is photographs, that she has around 500 she actually printed. Ruby gets up and goes to the TARDIS, parked at the entrance. She enters, telling The Doctor she won’t be long, that she’s just going to have a catchup. She says that they can then head off. He asks where and she tells him wherever, saying he should join them, that she’s told Louise all about him.

Ruby silences a phone message, but then it rings again. She reads that they have found her dad, that her mother told him about her. She says she has to go, telling The Doctor she’s sorry. He tells her not to be and hugs her. He tells her that her life is out there now, that her adventure is just beginning. She tells him he could see her dad, except that he doesn’t do that. He turns and starts to walk away. She asks if she’ll ever see him again. He tells her she of course will. She points out that he never went back for his granddaughter, but he says it’s mistake, that she taught him about family, that she changed him. He tells her she’s made his life bigger and better. He bids her goodbye and starts up the TARDIS. Walking away, she tells him she loves him. The Doctor cries and from outside, Ruby and the others watch as the TARDIS dematerialises.

Ruby returns to the table, placing a photo album upon the table for the group to see, as Mrs Flood narrates that it’s how the story of the church on Ruby Road comes to an end. She calls it a very happy ending for Ruby, as it begins snowing outside. She is on the roof above, dressed a full body thick furry white coat and holding a white umbrella. She continues that life goes on ruthlessly and that you might wonder what happens to the Doctor. She says that she’s sorry to say that his story ends in absolute terror. “Night night,” she declares, smiling.


Sutekh is revealed to have been latched onto the TARDIS since the events of Pyramids of Mars, and showing just how horrifyingly powerful he is; the TARDIS caused a Total event collapse that forced the Big Bang Two. The fact he came back, only after Amy Pond remembered The Doctor and TARDIS back into existence, shows he even prevented his own non-existence.
Mrs. Flood teases that The Doctor’s story will “end in absolute terror”.
Kate mentions UNIT has so far failed to stop an unnammed, obvious “evil genius” but they are confident to get them eventually.
The Time Vortex has been shown to mutate living beings that travel in them:
Martha Jones had a superior immune system to regular humans because of her travels in the TARDIS, resisting the Reset drug longer.
River Song gained the power of regeneration when conceived in the TARDIS while it was in the vortex.
The Doctor says he is an extinction event.
The Doctor confirms he travelled to all those different worlds in the past because he thought it was fun.
When Ruby asks The Doctor who “the man with hair” is when watching Sutekh’s past encounter, The Doctor declines to confirm to Ruby it is one of his past faces. He simply responds the man and the woman used to travel in the TARDIS like him and Mel.
The Doctor hopes to one day finally find and see his granddaughter Susan again.
When this episode first aired, a combination of this episode and the previous one was shown in cinemas in the UK. For the cinema viewers, a special message from Millie Gibson was played during the intermission thanking people for coming out so late to watch the episode in cinema.
A new variation of “The Doctor’s Theme” is heard when the universe resets, last done in Forest of the Dead and The Time of the Doctor.
Mrs Flood carries an umbrella and suitcase while on the roof, evoking the imagery of Mary Poppins. Missy similarly did so, which was pointed via Twitter in After Who Live when Deep Breath premiered ten years ago.
The flashback from Susan is taken from the colourised remastered version of The Daleks.
The people dying and turning to dust is similar to the events of the American super-hero movie: Avengers: Infinity War.
Russell T. Davies revealed in an interview he got the story idea of Ruby’s mother being an ordinary human rather than something special from the character Rey’s story arc in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
Behind the scenes clips of this episode showed more Memory TARDIS items that did not make it in the final cut: the university ID card of Bill Potts, a dispencer of jelly babys, the book “History of the Time War” (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) and the Twelfh Doctor yellow jojo. (The Girl Who Died), a Cybershade mask (The Next Doctor), River Song’s red heel shoes (The Time of Angels)
The Trickster will appear. This was proven false.
Susan Foreman will return. This was proven false, though she is mentioned and shown in a flashback.
The Fourteenth Doctor and/or Donna Noble will return. This was proven false.
The Master will return. This was proven false.
Sean Pertwee will appear as the Third Doctor. This was proven false.
The Daleks will return. This was proven false, though they are mentioned
Davros will return. This was proven false.
The Sandmen and Gagan Rassmussen will return as part of the titular “Empire of Death” led by Sutekh. This was proven false.
Ruby Sunday will depart as a companion. This was proven true.
The Memory TARDIS from Tales of the TARDIS returns and becomes real.
Inside the Memory TARDIS, Mel finds and hugs the multicoloured coat and bow tie of the Sixth Doctor from Trial of a Time Lord.
Ruby finally learns the identity of her parents, having wanted to know since The Church on Ruby Road.
Ruby once again notes how the memory of her mother keeps glitching past her so she can’t see her face, as it did in The Legend of Ruby Sunday.
Ruby once more summons snow when focusing on her desire to see her mother, as she did in The Legend of Ruby Sunday.
The Memory TARDIS contains lots of items from both The Doctor’s past, as some of his companions, friends and enemies:
First Doctor : large TARDIS round things, TARDIS “out of order” sign (The War Machines), a string of “Mercury Fluid Links” (The Daleks)
Second Doctor: his recorder
Third Doctor: Time Rotor (The Three Doctors. TARDIS console room, Bessie’s “WHO 1” license plate (Doctor Who and the Silurians), UNIT identity card
Fourth Doctor: his long scarf
Fifth Doctor: TARDIS console room
Sixth Doctor: his multicolored coat and tie, TARDIS console room
Seventh Doctor: his jumper Time and the Rani, sonic screwdriver, The Night of the Doctor, TARDIS console room, TARDIS key, a “Grand Happiness” poster (The Happiness Patrol)
Eighth Doctor: Metal girders from the console room, TARDIS key
War Doctor: Sonic Screwdriver (The Day of the Doctor)
Ninth Doctor: A chair from the TARDIS console, TARDIS “round” things, the head of a Slitheen (Aliens of London), his psychic paper (The End of the World)
Tenth Doctor: A chair from the TARDIS console, head of the Clockwork Droid (The Girl in the Fireplace, TARDIS “round things”, orange space suit and helmet (The Impossible Planet), the book “A Journey of Impossible Things (Human Nature), his 3-D Glasses (Doomsday)
Eleventh Doctor: Jump Seat of the TARDIS console, fire extinguisher (The Angels Take Manhattan), second TARDIS console, mini version of the console room in the fireplace, The Eleventh Hour., a fez, large black top hat (The Snowmen), TARDIS view screen, the book “Advanced Quantum Mechanics” The Day of the Doctor), a can of custard (The Eleventh Hour)
Twelfth Doctor: First console room, warning sign for Christmas carol singers (The Husbands of River Song), red version of his electric guitar (Hell Bent), the 2dis device (Flatline)
Thirteenth Doctor: sonic screwdriver : The Ghost Monument, TARDIS console (Rosa) TARDIS “round things”, the fob watch with her memories inside (The Vanquishers)
Fourteenth Doctor: sonic screwdriver (The Star Beast)
Fifteenth Doctor: Intelligent gloves and robe (Church on Ruby Road), mini version of the TARDIS jukebox
Items from companions and enemies: River Song: Sonic Screwdriver (Silence in the Library), blue diary (Silence in the Library) The Master: Toclafane sphere (The Sound of Drums) The Toymaker: wooden horse sold in his shop (The Giggle) K-9: head mounted on the ceiling (Full Circle) Yasmin Khan: probation police identity card (The Woman Who Fell to Earth) Psychic Circus: a commercial poster (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy) Rose Noble: some of the stuffed toys she makes (The Star Beast) Fugitive Doctor: a painting of an unseen, new look (Fugitive of the Judoon) Rose Tyler: a wanted poster (Aliens of London) Rory Williams: his poncho (Amy’s Choice) Amy Pond: her blue suitcase with dolls resembling 11 and herself (The Eleventh Hour) Albion party logo (73 Yards) The box that contains the severed head of Dorium Maldovar (The Wedding of River Song)
Handles from The Time of the Doctor, is spotted. TARDIS Hammers (The Poison Sky, The Giggle)
The Doctor was fond of spoons before: the Seventh Doctor liked to use them as a musical instrument in Time and the Rani and the Twelfth Doctor fought Robin Hood with a spoon during the events of Robot of Sherwood. The Thirteenth Doctor even melted spoons to make her own sonic screwdriver in The Woman Who Fell to Earth.
The Fourth Doctor liked to use a dog whistle on K-9, as seen in The Ribos Operation.
The Cloister Bell is heard. It has sounded as a sign of danger before, like in Last of the Time Lords, Time Crash, and Turn Left.
The sound the doors of the Memory TARDIS make when they close has been heard before, notably in The Two Doctors, Logopolis and Robot.
Ruby is able to watch The Doctor’s first encounter with Sutekh when he was the Fourth Doctor depicted in Pyramids of Mars on a screen in the Memory TARDIS.
The Doctor uses the intelligent glove again, remarking that his using it with Ruby was the first time they properly met, as seen in The Church on Ruby Road.
The Doctor mentions how he cast Sutekh into the time vortex and aging him to death, which he did in Pyramids of Mars. Sutekh reveals that he had survived by latching onto the TARDIS as it traveled through the time vortex.
Sarah Jane Smith appears through the memory of the Doctor’s first encounter with Sutekh in Pyramids of Mars and the Doctor reveals that she was someone who used to travel in the TARDIS, as seen in Planet of the Spiders.
The Doctor and Ruby use the intelligent rope and intelligent gloves again, last seen in The Church on Ruby Road.
73 yards (or 66.7 meters) is revealed to be the TARDIS radius of its perception filter, as implied in 73 Yards.
The Doctor remarks how he and Mel met Albert Einstein in Time and the Rani.
The Doctor notes that Susan Triad and her counterparts all had real identities created for them by the TARDIS. The Tenth Doctor once noted the TARDIS did similar for his human counterpart when hiding from the Family of Blood in Human Nature and The Family of Blood.
The Doctor once more states that Roger ap Gwilliam is the most dangerous prime minister in Britain’s history, recalling when he said it in 73 Yards, Ruby can’t recall whether or not she ever met him because the events from that timeline were erased. However, she once again shows echoes of that timeline in her knowledge that 66.7 metres is 73 yards and had a vague familiarity of meeting Gwilliam.
On the screen he holds, The Doctor sees the TARDIS landing from past adventures: The Ribos Operation, The Five Doctors, Mindwarp, City of Death, The TV Movie, Journey’s End, Utopia, Daleks in Manhattan and A Town Called Mercy.
The Doctor references several years when he landed on Earth: 1999 in The TV Movie, 1066 in The Time Meddler and 2005 in Rose.
The Doctor states that Skaro is the home planet of the Daleks, as seen in Genesis of the Daleks and The Magician’s Apprentice and how Telos is the home planet of the Cybermen, as said in The Doctor Falls. He also references the Ood Sphere as home of the Ood from The Impossible Planet and Planet of the Ood, Messaline that the Tenth Doctor visisted in (The Doctor’s Daughter and Shan Shen in Turn Left.
Vortis was visited by the First Doctor in The Web Planet. Spiridon was visited by the Third Doctor in Planet of the Daleks, Tigella was visited by the Fourth Doctor in Meglos and also Calufrax in The Pirate Planet. Karn was also first visited by the Fourth Doctor in The Brain of Morbius.
Mrs. Flood calls The Doctor a “clever boy”. Clara Oswald and her splinters also used to call him this as seen in Asylum of the Daleks and The Name of the Doctor.
Mrs. Flood is seen wearing an outfit similar to one once worn by Romana in The Ribos Operation.
Kate bemoans “Oh, one day [shooting an enemy will work]”, recalling its failure against the Toymaker in The Giggle although they did but it did work on the Stingrays in Planet of the Dead.
The Doctor remarks how he left Susan, his granddaughter during the events of The Dalek Invasion of Earth.
Ruby willingly ends her travels with The Doctor. This has occurred before, notably with Martha Jones in Last of the Time Lords and Dan Lewis in The Power of the Doctor.
The Doctor claims he will see Ruby again, having once promised the same to Sarah Jane Smith in School Reunion and Martha Jones said it to him when she willingly ended her travels with the Tenth Doctor in Last of the Time Lords.
The Doctor is seen wearing his original outfit again from when he first met Ruby in The Church on Ruby Road.
Mel is aware of the Daleks, having encountered them in The Juggernauts and We Are the Daleks.


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