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Jonathan Groff


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“Rogue” was the alias used by a time and space-travelling bounty hunter from a time relative to Earth in 1813. Rogue chose his name based on a character class within the game Dungeons & Dragons.


Before meeting The Doctor, Rogue traveled as a bounty hunter that captured and/or killed aliens for money. He once travelled in time with someone until he lost them at the end of a terrible day. At some point, he got a new boss, and since then he had to start completing a lot more paperwork on his assignments. (Rogue)


On a mission, he was hired to travel to Regency era Britain during 1813 to capture and incinerate a Chuldur to stop them shapeshifting into humans at a ball.

While at the ball, he was surveying the exits from a balcony when the Fifteenth Doctor approached and began flirting with him. The pair then left the ballroom, and as they were walking outside, found the corpse of the Duchess of Pemberton. The pair recognized her murder as the work of a Chuldur, but mistook each other for said-alien because of the others’ knowledge and possession of alien weaponry, though in Rogue’s case once he saw the sonic screwdriver he drew his gun and took The Doctor back to his ship. Their banter continued and Rogue trapped The Doctor in place, but didn’t take away his sonic, so The Doctor turned on the music and they continued flirting. But the ever-serious Rogue was still set on his mission in spite of their chemistry. However, when he took a scan of the Doctor, he saw holograms of his previous incarnations. The Doctor told him that he was not a Chuldur, but a Time Lord. Convinced, Rogue let him go.

Rogue then entered The Doctor’s TARDIS, and had a heart to heart when The Doctor asked who Rogue lost. They continued talking and both invited the other to travel with them to “argue across the stars” once this Chuldur business was all over. They were drawing closer to each other when the TARDIS chimed, interrupting them.

They went back to the house, where they met The Doctor’s companion, Ruby Sunday, and Lady Emily Beckett. They needed something to draw the attention of the Chuldur, so The Doctor asked Rogue to dance. Rogue didn’t see how that was scandalous, but went onto the dance floor with The Doctor regardless. He and the Doctor danced, then the Doctor began to shout at Rogue and cause everyone to pay attention to them, with their homophobia being the reason for the ‘scandal’. Rogue took some time and prompting to get to acting along, The Doctor prompting him to ‘say anything.’ Instead of speaking, he got on one knee and proposed to the Doctor. The Doctor took the ring into his hand, and was at a loss for words, eventually saying “I can’t” and running out of the room. After a moment, Rogue chases after him.

This dramatic scene enticed the Chuldur to want to become the Doctor and Rogue, leading not one Chuldur, as they were expecting, but a family of four to chase them through the gardens. The pair managed to escape and return to the ball where they seemingly discovered Ruby had been killed by a fifth Chuldur, now disguised as her.

They trapped the Chuldur family in Rogue’s triform, planning to send them to a random dimension, but Ruby revealed she was in fact the real Ruby, who had beaten the Chuldur (disguised as Emily Beckett) before she could shapeshift, utilising the battle mode in her psychic earrings. The remaining Chuldur regained consciousness and attempted to kill and become The Doctor, but Rogue charged in and threw her into the triform with the rest. With Ruby trapped on the triform, The Doctor confided in Rogue that he could not sacrifice Ruby with Rogue claiming “I know”. He then kissed The Doctor, taking the trigger from him, and took Ruby’s place in the triform. Rogue ended up holding the bridal boquet and tossed it to the Doctor, saying “find me.” He then pressed send and those trapped in the triform were sent to one of many dimensions in existence.

The Doctor placed the bridal bouquet where Rogue once stood, before going outside with Ruby. He then used his sonic screwdriver to restore Rogue’s ship’s cloaking mechanism, sending it to orbit the moon in isolation, and putting Rogue’s ring on his finger. (Rogue)

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