Fugitive of the Judoon


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Fugitive of the Judoon

Serial Code

Episode 5

First Transmitted

26 January 2020

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Regular Cast

Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor), Mandip Gill (Yasmin), Toshin Cole (Ryan), Bradley Walsh (Graham)

Guest Cast

Jo Martin (Ruth Clayton/The Doctor), John Barrowman (Jack Harkness), Neil Stuke (Lee Clayton), Ritu Arya (Gat), Paul Kasey (Judoon Captain Pol-Con-Don), Michael Begley (All Ears Allan), Judith Street (Marcia), Katie Luckins (Tourist), Nicholas Briggs (Voice of Judoon Captain), Simon Carew (Judoon), Richard Highgate (Judoon), Richard Price (Judoon), Matthew Rohman (Judoon)


Written by Vinay Patel & Chris Chibnall
Directed by Nida Manzoor
Produced by Nikki Wilson, Adam Friedlander & Alex Mercer


Ko Sho Blo! Trigger-happy space police the Judoon are targeting 21st-century Gloucester. The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham race back to Earth in order to prevent them doing too much damage to the cathedral city. But who are they looking for, and what did they do to incur the wrath of the Judoon?


While her companions try to get her to talk about her search for The Master (given her assumption that he escaped the Kasaavin), The Doctor learns that a Judoon platoon has descended upon Gloucester and put a forcefield around the city in search of a fugitive. The Doctor manages to bypass the forcefield and arrive in Gloucester. Upon landing and unbeknownst to The Doctor, Graham is teleported to a stolen spaceship piloted by Captain Jack Harkness who mistook Graham for The Doctor. The Doctor intervenes when the Judoon try to attack the apartment of Lee and Ruth Clayton, and stalls them long enough to question the couple and find a hidden box. Lee refuses to answer The Doctor’s questions, but he covers the group’s escape, turning himself in to the Judoon before being killed by their contractor, Gat, who recognises him as the fugitive’s associate.

Whilst The Doctor flees with Ruth to Gloucester Cathedral, Ryan and Yaz are teleported to Harkness’ ship, which is now being attacked by its rightful owners. When Harkness learns the Judoons’ forcefield prevents him from teleporting The Doctor, he is forced to ask The Doctor’s companions to tell The Doctor to beware of the “Lone Cyberman” and to not give it what it wants. He is forced to teleport due to the ship’s anti-theft attack system while Graham, Ryan, and Yaz are transported back to Gloucester. The Doctor and Ruth are soon surrounded by the Judoon in the cathedral. Ruth reflexively attacks them, forcing them to retreat after ripping off their commander’s horn. With Ruth unable to explain herself, she reveals Lee sent her a text before his death that leads them to a lighthouse where she grew up.

There, The Doctor finds a TARDIS buried outside under a blank gravestone. Ruth, meanwhile, enters the lighthouse and, breaking an alarm box, is engulfed in energy which restores her memory. Ruth then introducing herself as The Doctor. With neither remembering the other, The Doctor assumes Ruth-Doctor to be an unknown past incarnation while Ruth-Doctor reveals that she used a chameleon arch to hide herself from her former associate Gat. Ruth-Doctor’s TARDIS is then taken aboard the Judoon ship, and The Doctor and Ruth-Doctor confront Gat, who is revealed to be a Time Lord with orders to retrieve Ruth-Doctor. Against Ruth-Doctor’s orders, The Doctor introduces herself, and shows Gat a vision of the destroyed Gallifrey that she saw, which she attempts to dismiss as trickery. Gat is killed when she fires a sabotaged weapon confiscated from Ruth-Doctor.



In 1216, Henry III was crowned at Gloucester Cathedral.
Harry Potter was also filmed in this cathedral.


The Judoon use a zonal enforcement field on the Earth and threaten to use a temporal isolator to capture their target.
The Judoon launch a final warning missile into Lee and Ruth’s flat.
Jack is using a ship that has movement sensors that can set off laser spikes. It also has shields, an anti-theft attack system, and nanogenes.
Jack uses a Quantican Scoop to transport Team TARDIS to his stolen ship and back.
Lee sends Ruth a text from his mobile phone.
Gat arrives by matter transmitter.
Ruth uses a biodata module disguised as a fire alarm to reverse the effect of the Chameleon Arch.
Ruth has a laser rifle.
A tractor beam bring’s Ruth’s TARDIS to the Judoon’s ship, a Talwak Freighter.


On reading The Doctor’s psychic paper, Pol-Kon-Don assumes she is an Imperial Regulator.


Ruth makes herself a birthday breakfast of buttered toast, an egg, and orange juice.
Ruth buys a coffee from Allan.
Lee buys a birthday cake from Allan for Ruth.


  • The Doctor has been searching for any evidence that The Master may have escaped the realm of the Kasaavin. (Spyfall)She has visited Gallifrey multiple times, alone, since making first finding her home in the aftermath of the Master’s destruction. (Spyfall)
  • The Doctor recalls that Gallifrey has been destroyed twice, by war (The Ancestor Cell, The End of the World) and then by The Master. (Spyfall)
  • The Doctor notes that the Judoon have no jurisdiction on Earth. (Smith and Jones, Prisoner of the Judoon, Revenge of the Judoon)
  • The Judoon execute a human for a petty act of assault and hand out compensation. (Smith and Jones)
  • The Doctor attempts to rhyme the word Judoon with platoon, moon (Smith and Jones) and lagoon.
  • Jack mistakes Graham for The Doctor. (Spyfall, The Good Doctor)
  • Jack kisses the man he believes to be The Doctor, as he once did with the Ninth Doctor toward the end of their initial travels. (The Parting of the Ways) Before reuniting with the Tenth Doctor, (Utopia) Jack once expressed his intent to first kiss The Doctor, and then”kill him”, when at last they meet again. (Fragments)
    Manifesting her true identity, “Ruth” refers to the Judoon as rhinoforms. (Judoon in Chains)
  • Captain Jack is familiar with nanogenes (The Empty Child) and the Cybermen. (Cyberwoman, Supremacy of the Cybermen, Monster File: Cybermen)
  • “Ruth” uses a Chameleon Arch to disguise herself as a human, complete with false memories and rewritten human biology. (Human Nature/The Family of Blood, Utopia, One Life)
  • The Doctor tells Team TARDIS that the Cybermen are on par with the Daleks. (Resolution)
  • Team TARDIS notes that they were brought together by The Doctor. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth, Arachnids in the UK)


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