Spyfall Part 2


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Spyfall Part 2

Serial Code

Episode 2

First Transmitted

5 January 2020

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Regular Cast

Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor), Mandip Gill (Yasmin), Toshin Cole (Ryan), Bradley Walsh (Graham)

Guest Cast

Sylvie Briggs (Ada Lovelace), Aurora Marion (Noor Inyat Khan), Mark Dexter (Charles Babbage), Aurora Marion Shobna Gulati (Sonya Khan), Bhavnisha Parmar (Najia Khan)


Written by Chris Chibnall
Directed by Lee Haven Jones
Produced by Nikki Wilson, Adam Friedlander & Alex Mercer


In part two of this epic spy thriller, a terrifying plan to destroy humanity is about to reach fruition. Can The Doctor and her friends escape multiple traps and defeat a deadly alliance?


In the aliens’ dimension, The Doctor meets computer pioneer Ada Lovelace and grabs her hand when a Kasaavin appears, transporting them to an invention exhibition in 1834, where they encounter The Master. The Doctor realises The Master does not fully understand the Kasaavins when he asks her how she escaped their dimension. Ada takes her to the residence of polymath Charles Babbage, where The Doctor summons a Kasaavin via a figurine identical to the one in Barton’s office, hoping to return to the 21st century. Ada grabs The Doctor’s hand as she fades and they travel to Paris during World War II in 1943. They are rescued by British spy Noor Inayat Khan, with The Master posing as a Nazi officer through the use of a perception filter.

The Doctor meets The Master atop the Eiffel Tower, where The Master reveals that he had the Kasaavins kill spies to get The Doctor’s attention. He also informs The Doctor that Gallifrey has been destroyed. With help from Ada and Noor, The Doctor destroys his filter and turns the Nazis on The Master, while her group uses his TARDIS to return to the present. Meanwhile, Ryan finds instructions to safely land the plane with help from a recording by The Doctor. Barton has made Graham, Yaz and Ryan persons of interest. They steal one of Barton’s cars, taking them to a warehouse where they find his stern mother. Speaking at a conference, Barton reveals that the Kasaavin will rewrite humanity’s DNA to utilise its storage capacity as hard drives. The Master, forced to live through the 20th century without his TARDIS, arrives in time to see the figurine device activate, only for it to fail after The Doctor meddles with the device and exposes The Master’s treachery, sending the Kasaavins back to their dimension, taking The Master with them, while Barton calls for extraction.

After having set up the means for her companions to survive the plane crash, The Doctor returns Ada and Noor to their timelines and wipes herself from their memories. She visits Gallifrey’s ruins, discovering a confession by The Master on how he destroyed their home planet after realising their understanding of Time Lord history was a lie, mentioning the “Timeless Child”. Afterwards, her companions bluntly request The Doctor explains who she is. She tells them of what she believes to be her backstory.


  • The Master uses his TARDIS again. (The Doctor Falls)
  • The Master mentions how the Time Lords view him and The Doctor as renegades. (The War Games, Terror of the Autons, The Deadly Assassin, The Five Doctors, The End of Time, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent)
  • Ryan says he is still unable to ride a bicycle. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)
  • The Doctor once again forgets to alter her language to account for her new gender. (The Ghost Monument)
  • The Fourth Doctor previously met Ada Lovelace at a later point in her life. (The Enchantress of Numbers)
  • Graham recalls The Doctor mentioning regeneration on the day they first met. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)
  • The Doctor taps a morse code of four beats, the heartbeat of a Time Lord, which she notes she and The Master have a personal connection to. (Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords, The End of Time)
  • The Doctor steals The Master’s TARDIS, mirroring how The Master once did likewise with The Doctor’s TARDIS. (Utopia)
  • The Doctor and The Master use Time Lord telepathic contact (The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors) once again to communicate with one another. (The Missing Link)
  • The Master alludes to his part in the Fourth Doctor’s regeneration asking if he had ever apologised for The Doctor falling from the Pharos Project radio telescope. (Logopolis)
  • The Master refers to Gallifrey “hiding in its little bubble universe”. (The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor)
  • The Master remembers visiting Gallifrey after the Last Great Time War. (The Doctor Falls)
  • Hakim confidently asserts that he was right all along about a conspiracy theory. (Arachnids in the UK)
  • The Doctor wipes Noor and Ada’s memories of everything they witnessed since meeting her. (Journey’s End)
  • The Master has left a hologram message for The Doctor, which plays in the TARDIS after he is gone. The Tenth Doctor once did something similar, recording such a message for Rose Tyler as part of Emergency Program One. (The Parting of the Ways)
  • In the hologram, The Master references the Founding Fathers of Gallifrey. (The Ancestor Cell, The Infinity Doctors)
  • The Doctor recalls hearing about the Timeless Child from the Remnants. (The Ghost Monument)
  • The Doctor tells her companions that she comes from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. (Pyramids of Mars, Attack of the Cybermen, Voyage of the Damned, The Day of the Doctor)
  • The Doctor states that she stole her TARDIS and ran away from Gallifrey. (The War Games, Logopolis, The Five Doctors, Remembrance of the Daleks, The Sound of Drums, The Doctor’s Wife, The Name of the Doctor, Heaven Sent; The Beginning)
  • The Doctor has a conversation with Graham through a tape. The Tenth Doctor did much the same with Sally Sparrow. (Blink)


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