Knock Knock


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Knock Knock

First Transmitted

29 April 2017

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Regular Cast

Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts), Matt Lucas (Nardole)

Guest Cast

David Suchet (the landord), Mariah Gale (Eliza), Mandeep Dhillon (Shireen), Alice Hewkin (Felicity), Ben Presley (Paul), Colin Ryan (Harry), Bart Suakvek (Pavel), Sam Benjamin (Estate Agent), Tate Pitchie-Cooper (Young Landlord)


Written by Mike Bartlett
Directed by Bill Anderson
Produced by Nikki Wilson


“Did you hear the trees creaking outside when we arrived?”
“Yeah. It was the wind.”
“There wasn’t any wind.”

Bill is moving in with some friends and they’ve found the perfect house! So what if it’s strangely cheap to rent, and the landlord is a little creepy? The wind blows, the floorboards creak and The Doctor thinks something is very wrong. What lurks in the strange tower at the heart of the building – and why can’t they find any way to enter it..?


  • The Doctor mentions Prime Minister Harriet Jones, who ascended after aiding his ninth incarnation in defeating the Slitheen. (Aliens of London/World War Three) His tenth incarnation, however, would set in motion her deposition after she ordered the destruction of the retreating Sycorax. (The Christmas Invasion) She would help save the world one final time against the Daleks. (The Stolen Earth)
  • The TARDIS materialises around Bill’s possessions. It had done so previously around passengers. (The Parting of the Ways, Blink, The Runaway Bride, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, Hell Bent)
  • The Doctor remarks on the Time Lords’ dress sense, having done so earlier in his life. (Time Crash, Journey To The Centre of the TARDIS, Nightmare In Silver, Hell Bent)
  • The Doctor reveals he’s a Time Lord. (The War Games, The TV Movie, The End of the World)
  • The Doctor mentions regeneration, but glosses over it, similar to how his tenth incarnation did such with Martha Jones in regards to his race. (Gridlock)
  • The Doctor had previously faced creatures who absorbed people into walls. (Flatline)
  • Bill introduces The Doctor as her grandfather. The Doctor once travelled with his granddaughter Susan Foreman, who called him grandfather. (An Unearthly ChildThe Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Five Doctors)
  • Bill’s sexuality is mentioned as she informs a male flatmate, after he makes overtures, that he isn’t her type and she prefers girls. (The Pilot, )
  • One of the flat mates theorise dolls could be creeping around upstairs. The Twelfth Doctor encountered a house of dolls in his eleventh incarnation. (Night Terrors)
  • The Vaultis tended to by Nardole once more, The Doctor revealing a piano is inside. (The Pilot, Thin Ice)
  • In an attempt to convince herself that there’s nothing strange about the house, she tells herself that
  • “There’s no living puddles or weird robots, big fish…” (The Pilot, Smile, Thin Ice)
  • The Doctor claims sleep is for tortoises (The Talons of Weng Chiang)
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