Thin Ice


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Thin Ice

First Transmitted

29 April 2017

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Regular Cast
Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts), Matt Lucas (Nardole)

Guest Cast

Asiatu Koroma (Kitty), Nicholas Burns (Sutcliffe), Simon Ludders (Overseer), Tomi May (Dowell), Guillaume Rivaud (Georgian Gentleman), Ellie Shenker (Dot), Peter Singh (The Pie-man), Badger Skelton (Perry), Austin Taylor (Spider), Kishaina Thiruselvan (Harriet)


Written by Sarah Dollard
Directed by Bill Anderson
Produced by Nikki Wilson


In Regency England, beneath the frozen Thames, something is stirring.

The Doctor and Bill arrive at the last of the great frost fairs, and find themselves investigating a string of impossible disappearances – people have been vanishing on the ice! Bill is about to discover that the past is more like her world than she expected, and that not all monsters come from outer space…


  • Thin Ice was the third story of season ten.
  • The read-through for Thin Ice took place on 18 July 2016, and filming on the episode began on 1 August.
  • The Doctor previously visited the 1814 Frost Fair with River Song. They brought Stevie Wonder with them to perform. (A Good Man Goes To War)
    He mentions having been here before, “a few times”. (Frostfire, The Frozen, A Good Man Goes To War, Silhouette)
  • According to the short story The Frozen, in February 1814, the Hyban Masoon froze the Thames on arrival.
  • In Regency London, Bills voices her fear that she will be slaved due to the colour of her skin. Martha Jones voiced the same concern when she visited London of 1599 with the Tenth Doctor. (The Shakespeare Code)
  • Bill is concerned about the butterfly effect, also exactly like Martha in her first visit to London’s past. (The Shakespeare Code)
  • Bill asks about physical side effects of time travel. (The End of the World, Doomsday, The Sound of Drums etc.)
  • The Doctor reminds Bill of her recent experience with death. (Smile)
  • The Doctor once again notes humanity’s habit of overlooking and forgetting the bizarre. (Remembrance of the Daleks, In the Forest of the Night) Charlie Smith noted the same after the Shadow Kin came close to invading Earth through Coal Hill School. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)
  • Nardole reminds The Doctor of his oath. (The Pilot, Smile)
  • Nardole mentions being reassembled. (The Husbands of River Song, The Return of Doctor Mysterio)
  • The Doctor again mentions how you don’t steer the TARDIS, you reason with it. (Smile)
  • The Doctor once more states that he’s 2000 years old. (Deep Breath)
  • The Doctor also remarks on how he has lost count of all those he has seen die. (The Day of the Doctor)
  • The Doctor punches someone in the face out of anger and defence of his companion. (Hell Bent)
  • Sutcliffe refers to The Doctor as “Doctor Disco”. (The Zygon Invasion)
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