The Doctor FallsHeather




Sentient oil

Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Pilot

Latest Appearance:

The Doctor Falls

Main Actor:

Stephanie Hyam

Main Voice Actor:

Nicholas Briggs


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Everywhere I go, I just want to leave…

As a student at St Luke’s University, Bristol, Heather is never happy. From the moment she arrives anywhere, all Heather ever wants is the opportunity to leave. But when she meets Bill there’s an instantaneous connection between them – maybe she could be persuaded to stay?

Unfortunately, Heather is haunted by something so strange, so out of the ordinary, so inexplicable, right at the heart of the university, that she just can’t shake it – an apparently simple puddle. And the striking defect in the shape of a star in her eye allows her to see what so many others have missed. That it isn’t an ordinary puddle at all. Her reflection just isn’t right.

When Heather disappears, Bill is initially disappointed… until Heather returns for her, this time seemingly transformed by contact with the puddle. The puddle is a droplet from a liquid spaceship, left behind, stranded on Earth and alone – and in Heather it has found a pilot. The Heather-Creature that has fixed on Bill, wet and intangible, can now travel anywhere in time and space. But it won’t leave without Bill. It made a promise to wait for her. To free Heather, Bill has to say goodbye…

When Bill is converted into a Cyberman and finds herself alone on a battlefield on the Mondasian colony ship, Heather returns for her. Heather restores Bill’s human form, on the condition that she now travels the universe with her. Believing The Doctor to be dead, they lay his body to rest in the TARDIS and Bill says her goodbyes… but not before leaving her own tears behind… The pilot has found a passenger. (The Doctor Falls)


After merging with a puddle of sentient oil from an alien spaceship, Heather gained the ability to freely travel through time and space. She first followed Bill from St Luke’s University to Sydney, then to a distant alien planet, and finally into the middle of a Dalek-Movellan War. She would usually materialise through a reflective surface such as a mirroror a body of water.

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