Noah Vickers



Noah Vickers



First Seen In:

The New World



End of the Road

The Gathering

The Blood Line

Main  Actor:

Paul James


Noah Vickers was a CIA agent in the 21st century. He worked as an analyst along with Esther Drummond, during the “Miracle Day” crisis. (The New World) In March 2011, Noah was amused by a parody video of Oswald Danes’ failed execution. Esther and Charlotte Wills seemed disgusted by the video. Later, while Danes was being interviewed on television, the three of them were watching. As Oswald began to break down, Noah stated that if they had “any human dignity”, they’d turn off the television. (Rendition)

As Esther escaped the CIA building, she encountered Noah and a few other peers aboard an elevator. Esther, in order to throw off those who were chasing her, told Noah that she was headed for Cyber Division. When questioned by two agents who were in pursuit of Esther, Noah unknowingly told them that she could be found in Cyber Division. (Rendition)

Noah helped Charlotte sort through old records in order to locate the names of the Three Families. (End of the Road) Noah later assisted in tracing the history of the Podesta family. (The Gathering) He was killed by a bomb left by Charlotte as the tracer identified her as the Families’ double agent. However, he managed to send the tracer’s findings to Rex Matheson before his death, who chased her and had her gunned down. (The Blood Line)

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