Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon

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Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon


Pages 111
ISBN 0-426-20131-0
Publication Date 16 October 1980


In the great maze of the Power Complex dwells the dreaded Nimon, a fearsome monster with immense scientific powers.

The NImon has promised to restore the Skonnan Empire to its former glory. But first it demands sacrifice – youths and maidens from the peaceful planet Aneth.

The TARDIS collides with the space ship delivering the victims, and the captured Romana is condemned to be sacrificed to the Nimon.

Aided by the faithful K9, the Fourth Doctor goes to the rescue. In the heart of the maze he confronts the Nimon and uncovers a terrifying plot to enslave the galaxy.



  • Prologue

  1. Ship of Sacrifice
  2. The Skonnons
  3. Sardor in Command
  4. Asteroid
  5. The Nimon
  6. The Maze
  7. Sardor’s Bluff
  8. K9 in Trouble
  9. The Journey of the Nimon
  10. Journey to Crinoth
  11. Time Bomb
  12. The Legend


  • An extended prologue explains how Soldeed first met the Nimon.
  • The pilot and co-pilot are given names.
  • The Doctor thinks the Nimon are from another universe.
  • The ending is expanded to show how Skonnos and Aneth will cope following the events of the story.
  • The Doctor refers to the events of Underworld.
  • The First Empire Wars are referenced.
  • Some of the more overt comedy moments, such as The Doctor giving K9 mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and a Dog Show rosetta, are omitted.
  • Teka is said to be the daughterof the King of Aneth.
  • An unnamed Anethan girl is given a small role, explaining to the Nimon what happened to the missing hymetusite.
  • Some of the descriptions don’t match on screen: Sardor and Sekkoth are said to be wearing red helmets, Teka is described as fair-haired and Soldeed as white-haired.
  • Sorak has ambitions to depose Soldeed.
  • Seth knocks Soldeed out with the staff rather than Sardor’s blaster.
  • On returning from Crinoth, Romana tells Seth about the other two Nimon despite him having seen them.
  • When Seth shoots at Soldeed, he hits the console, explaining why the controls are jammed.
  • The Skonnans and Anethans take cover in the cellar when the Power Complex explodes, with The Doctor’s group riding it out in the TARDIS.

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