“I have done enough!”

Ace has never known The Doctor so withdrawn and melancholic. He is avoiding her company, seeking solace in the forgotten rooms and labyrinthine passages of his ancient time machine.

Perhaps he will find the peace he yearns foron his favourite planet, Earth, in the second half of the twentieth century – in the isolated village of Crook Marsham, to be precise, in 1968, the year of peace, love and understanding.

But one by one the villagers are being killed. The Doctor has to act, but foronce he seems helpless, indecisive, powerless. What are the signals from space that are bombarding the radio telescope on the moor? What is the significance of the local legends from the Civil War? And what is the aeons-old power that The Doctor is unable to resist


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  • Written by Mark Gatiss, Nightshade is the eighth instalment in the series of Virgin Publishing’s Doctor Who paperback novels. A New Adventure, it features the Seventh Doctor and Ace.
  • The Doctor thinks of Susan almost every day now.
  • The Doctor needs help on his missions and cannot allow Ace to go.
  • The Doctor’s departure from Gallifrey was observed.
  • Ace’s parents met on the dance floorof a sweaty nightclub.
  • This story suggests that Susan Foreman was not The Doctor’s biological granddaughter. It was later confirmed in the novel Lungbarrow.
  • The prologue gives a different account of The Doctor’s departure as compared to other sources. One distinction is that Susan does not leave with him. (The Name of the Doctor)

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