Night and the Doctor

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Night and the Doctor

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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory)

Guest Cast

Alex Kingston (River Song), James Corden (Craig Owens), Daisy Haggard (Sophie Owens), Alfie Owens


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Not Credited
Produced by Not Credited


Bad Night

Amy wakes to answer the TARDIS phone to discover The Doctor has been busy while she and Rory were asleep. The Doctor is having an adventure with River Song. – episode entry

Good Night

Amy finally gets to ask The Doctor the question that has been plaguing her since Space: how can she remember two distinct histories of her life since the universe was rebooted in The Big Bang? The Doctor in part answers her question by giving her a chance to do a good deed for herself when she was a child. – episode entry

First Night

The Doctor arrives at Stormcage to pick up River Song on the evening of her imprisonment on twelve-thousand consecutive life sentences. It’s their “first date”, but his plans are complicated when a future version of River turns up. – episode entry

Last Night

With no fewer than three River Songs from different times roaming the TARDIS, The Doctor has to avoid contaminating the timeline. Along the way, he encounters a future version of himself en route to their final outing (as described in Forest of the Dead). The Doctor sends the second River away by activating her vortex manipulator and the third River leaves with her Doctor, but not before revealing this will be the last time his wife will see the Eleventh Doctor. After they leave, The Doctor heads off on his adventure with the correct River. – episode entry

Up All Night

This mini-episode is unconnected to the other four and is in fact a prequel to Closing Time, focusing on Craig Owens and his family the night before the events of the episode.. Episode entry


    None of the episodes have the usual opening credits sequence. Instead a version of the series logo is shown on screen with no music accompaniment. The only on-screen cr is a writer cr for each episode, there are no closing credits. The episode title and writer cr are superimposed over the opening scene of each mini-episode-the first time this has been done for a Doctor Who story, not counting The TV Movie, since the 1960s.
    None of the episodes feature the Eleventh Doctor in his usual clothing. He wears formal evening wear. (The Big Bang, Let’s Kill Hitler)
    The question Amy raises in Good Night harks back to the question she tried to ask The Doctor in space.
    The two Eleventh Doctors discuss the Library (Forest of the Dead) and it is suggested the future Eleventh Doctor is about to experience River’s final outing with him.
    Up All Night takes place shortly before Closing Time.
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