The Neowhovian Experience 2011

The Neowhovian Experience 2011

The Neowhovian Experience 2011


The collected Confessions!

A recent addition to The Doctor Who fandom, Marcia Franklin didn’t really pay attention to the show until 2008, when a friend got her hooked on the modern Series One, starring Christopher Eccleston. She quickly immersed herself in everything the revived series (“Nu Who, ” as some term it, or “post-Hiatus Who, ” as she prefers) had to offer till she was current, and considers David Tennant “her” Doctor.

Having since made a point of seeing as much of pre-Hiatus Who as possible, she’s become a true addict. She’s never met a Doctor she didn’t like (eventually), and loves to help other “neowhovians” learn to appreciate previous Doctors. Her Confessions of a Neowhovian blog has been a going concern since January 2011, and includes updates at least every Wednesday.


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