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A planet within the Milky Way, Necros was rich in protein flowering plants. However, its main claim to fame was Tranquil Repose. This was a glorified undertakers, where the bodies were not dead, but dying, held in cryogenic suspension until a cure for whatever illness had claimed the victim could be found.

The Great Healer ruled Necros, but in reality it was Davros, using the bodies to further his work on a new breed of Dalek, wholly loyal to him.

When Davros had been stopped and Tranquil Repose destroyed, The Doctor showed the people there how to process the flowers and continue to make a living.

Necros was a human-colonised planet and the location of Tranquil Repose, the finest funeral home in the galaxy. It was also the location of Kara’s food-processing factories, which provided food for starving planets, as it turned out, however, the food was actually made from humans that had been placed in Tranquil Repose. The product was manufactured by Davros, who called himself “the Great Healer”.

The official colour of mourning on Necros was blue, and women’s legs were to be covered at all times. The planet was cold, and home to dangerous creatures such as the voltrox and speelsnape. The weed plant was the only plant that grew on Necros and provided protein when refined.

Home of the great healer (Davros)


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