Naomi Cross



Naomi Cross



Place of Origin:


Main Aliases:

Greyhound Four

Affiliated With:


First Seen In:

Fire and Ice

Other Appearances:

Power of the Dominators
By Jacqui McGee
Axos Unleashed
Time of the Vulpreen
London Orbital
Scream of the Daleks


Naomi Cross was a companion of the Fourth and Seventh Doctors.

A member of UNIT, Naomi travelled in The Doctor’s TARDIS alongside Harry Sullivan before the two were left behind in the 2010s. She and Harry joined UNIT under Kate Stewart and fought against threats such as the Vulpreen, eventually leaving to travel with the Seventh Doctor.


Naomi had a cousin who died two years before she began travelling with the Fourth Doctor. (Scream of the Daleks)


Naomi and Harry Sullivan travelled with the Fourth Doctor until an adventure in which they fought the Dominators and their Quarks. A great number of people died and, afterwards, The Doctor returned the two of them to Earth. Unbeknownst to him, he left them in the 2010s instead of the 1980s. (London Orbital)


Naomi and Harry joined UNIT under Kate Stewart and went to assist UNIT Australia. They became aware that Ros Green was in possession of an Ice Warrior, Abiathar, and, whilst investigating, were chased by Jakernia. They eventually regrouped with Kate and Petronella Osgood and helped release Abiathar into space to explode without causing any harm to Earth, after which they returned to the United Kingdom. (Fire and Ice)

Whilst watching the news for clues on the Eleven’s plans, Naomi recognised Director Prast as a Dominator and informed Kate. She and Osgood observed Portstone New Town with an omniscope and glided in with Junaid Mirza, discovering that it was actually a construction site making use of slaves. Naomi and Junaid evacuated the slaves after Prast set the nuclear reactor to go into meltdown. (Power of the Dominators)

After the destruction of the Starseeker, Kate asked that Naomi collect her from the UNIT safe house in Tromsø. (The Vulpreen Encounter)

Naomi lost contact with Kate but managed to track her down and rescued her, Osgood and Jimmy Tan in a helicopter. She headed to Alberta with Osgood, meeting Yang Li there, and was caught in a temporal snare until Osgood was able to free her with a chrono-gauge. Afterwards, Axons emerged through a Vulpreen Arch. (By Jacqui McGee)

Given that Axos had previously been defeated by the Third Doctor, Naomi went to Lake Claire to employ the Eleven’s help. She put him in Faraday cuffs and took him through an arch to Axos where he proved a crucial part of Kate’s plan to escape. (Axos Unleashed)

Kate sent Naomi to meet with Harry at Wimbledon Common to observe a Vulpreen Arch. She reported back to Kate when the arch’s time field began to expand and freeze everything inside of it. (Time of the Vulpreen)


Naomi joined Harry in investigating the Álfar at Clerkenwell tube station and called the police when she saw Keryth chasing the foreman. They were reunited with The Doctor, now in his seventh incarnation, and were arrested for wasting police time when Keryth did not show up on the CCTV. Sarya released them and took them to Agrandir, who asked them not to interfere in the conflict between the Ljósálfar and the Dökkálfar. After the conflict was resolved, Naomi and Harry joined The Doctor in the TARDIS to return home. (London Orbital)

The Doctor decided to take Naomi and Harry to Aquilina, but the sound of screams to 1969 Chester. Naomi and the Doctor travelled throughout time to find the cause of the disappearances and unexplained deaths which occurred in the area on Halloween and learnt that it involved The Daleks. They had to return to 1969 through a crack in time due to the Daleks’ temporal distortion and, after reuniting with Harry, The Daleks were defeated. (Scream of the Daleks)

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