Najia Khan




Najia Khan




Hotel manager

Affiliated With:

Robertsons Luxury Hotels


Yasmin Khan
Sonya Khan


Hakim Khan

First Mentioned In:

The Good Doctor


Arachnids in the UK
Demons of the Punjab
Spyfall Part 1
Spyfall Part 2

Main Actor:

Shobna Gulati


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Najia Khan was Yasmin Khan and Sonya Khan’s mother, married to Hakim. She lived in Flat 34 of the Park Hill estate in Sheffield.

When Yasmin’s grandfather died, she said that Yasmin carried him in her heart. (The Good Doctor)

She was hired to be general manager in a luxury Sheffield hotel owned by Jack Robertson, a wealthy American businessman. When she approached Robertson meeting with his personal assistant, she was fired due to the poor state of the hotel rooms thanks to a giant spider outbreak.

Embarrassed about telling her husband she had lost her job, she asked her daughter Yasmin to pick her up from the hotel, however, when Yaz entered the premises she and Najia were threatened at gunpoint by Kevin for trespassing. Standing up for her mother, Yaz asked why she’d been sacked and Najia and Yaz were shown the state of one room full of cobwebs that none could explain.

Najia met the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, Graham O’Brien and Dr Jade McIntyre at the hotel after they had found the link between the hotel and the giant spider outbreak. Najia seemed somewhat concerned at The Doctor’s presence and believed that she and Yasmin were in a relationship before the latter clarified they were friends. She also seemed excited at the notion that Yasmin and Ryan could be dating.

Back at her flat, she asked Yasmin for the truth about The Doctor before her daughter supposedly left to get bread, but in fact left the Khans to travel in The Doctor’s TARDIS. (Arachnids in the UK)

She celebrated her mother’s birthday at Flat 34. Umbreen complained about the shop-bought cake, but Najia insisted the cake was good. Najia also received the letters that her father sent Umbreen while he was away, and was cautioned not to read the “filthy bits”. (Demons of the Punjab)

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