Nadia Červenka



Nadia Červenka




Artificial Intelligence

Main Voice Actor:

Lizzie Roper


Nadia Červenka was a Czech scientist.

She was working as a medic in Berlin in the late 1940s, as part of the Soviet occupation. In 1950, she befriended the Royal Air Force officer Squadron Leader Ian Gilmore and assisted some of his men. They shared several drinks as well as rations, and he began to fall in love with her; while she reciprocated, they were on opposite sides of the increasingly contentious Cold War and she broke things off as she wanted to do her duty.

Červenka eventually defected from Soviet Czechoslovakia to the United Kingdom in 1958. She provided the Sen-Gen Facility with a neuro-chemical hallucinogen her country had developed using a yellow fungus which was discovered in the crater created by the Tunguska Event on 30 June 1908. It was believed to be extraterrestial in origin.

By 1964, she was one of eighteen scientists working at the Sen-Gen Facility. Shortly before her death in that year, she was reunited with Gilmore, then a group captain, who was investigating the facility in his capacity as a member of the Intrusion Countermeasures Group. The two tried to rekindle their affair but she was being driven insane by the Sen-Gen computer, and it took a severe mental struggle to pass information on to Counter-Measures about the hallucinogen’s. Despite her efforts, she was killed by the project leader who’d been driven into a paranoid frenzy by Sen-Gen (Artificial Intelligence)

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