Museum Piece

Museum Piece
Museum Piece

Regular Cast

Nicholas Briggs (Narrator)


This Doctor Who: Short Trips Rarities title was first released as an exclusive title free to anyone subscribing to The Doctor Who Main Range. It is now also presented here for the first time as a general release.

A single old man. One who knows what it is to fight, who understands an enemy few think of any more, who has had to make terrible decisions in his life. And who now, in a museum, with that enemy in front of him reduced to a mere curiosity… Meets Kalendorf.

Producer Nicholas Briggs
Script Editor Nicholas Briggs
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs


The Doctor arrives in a Velyshaan museum dedicated to the Dalek War. He meets Kalendorf there, an old soldier. They reminisce about the war. The Doctor needed to meet Kalendorf so he could help him make a decision that would destroy The Daleks, albeit at the cost of everything The Doctor holds dear, namely Gallifrey and Time Lords.

A nearby Dalek in a display cabinet is not as dead as it seems and has charged enough power forone shot of its energy weapon. It sees The Doctor and Kalendorf and has to make the decision of which to kill. The Dalek chooses and fires. A nearby school child runs in front of the Doctor and Kalendorf and takes the shot. Kalendorf responds by destroying The Dalek. He turns around to see that the child is dead and the Doctor is nowhere to be seen. Kalendorf concludes that The Doctor had made his decision.


Museum Peace was the tenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Dalek Empire. It was written by James Swallow. It featured The Doctor and Kalendorf.
Reference is made to the Last Great Time War, as The Doctor’s choice is linked to his decision not to destroy The Daleks in his fourth incarnation.
The Doctor is wearing a frock coat.
The Doctor mentions the planet Tsan.
The Court of Cenotaphs is a building on Vega VI.
The Doctor knows that he is going to regenerate soon.
The Doctor recalls how he first met Daleks and thought that he got rid of them then. (The Daleks)
When Kalendorf asks The Doctor to use his time machine to prevent Daleks from ever appearing, The Doctor recalls that he had such a chance. (Genesis of the Daleks)
The Doctor talks about the last time that he met Kalendorf on Zaleria whilst in his seventh incarnation. Kalendorf does not recognise The Doctor as he has regenerated in the interim. (Return of the Daleks)
The Doctor states that the decision he is struggling to make could rid the universe of The Daleks, but would come at the cost of “everything [he knew]”. (Dalek, The Night of the Doctor)
Kalendorf mentions that the Knights of Velyshaa are trying to develop time travel. (The Sirens of Time)


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