Mundy Flynn



Mundy Flynn



Affiliated With:

The Church
Anglican Marines



Main Actor:

Varada Sethu


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At some point prior to 5086, Mundy Flynn was ordained as an Anglican. In April 5087, Mundy was deployed with the Anglican Marines to Kastarion 3, to fight a war against what she believed were the Kastarions.


Some of Mundy Flynn’s allies in the war on Kastarion 3 were John Francis Vater, Canto James Olliphant and Carson. She was also friends with Vater’s daughter, Splice. They met the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday on 5 October 5087 as The Doctor had stepped on a Villengard Smartmine and Ruby found Vater’s casket after he was terminated by a Villengard Ambulance. She shot The Doctor in his arm with a low-power weapon to force him to drop the casket, which triggered an Ambulance to connect to him; she then prompted Ruby to do the same to her to distract the Ambulance, but as Canto, who was Mundy’s love interest and was coming to meet her and was unaware of the events, saw Ruby pointing a gun at her, immediately shot Ruby who fell to the ground in pain and lost consciousness after a while. Ruby was later revived as The Doctor infected the Villengard Algorithm with a virus made by the reprogrammed courtesy posthumous AI partially containing the conscience of Vater, reprogramming the Ambulance to heal Ruby and rendered the Smartmine inoffensive. However, Canto too was killed by the Ambulance during this process.

Mundy was a woman of faith, for which The Doctor initially mocked her, but later respected. After the events of 5 October, she was left on Kastarion 3 taking care of Splice. The Doctor said he’d visit them again at some point, hinting at fish fingers and custard being his favourite food. (Boom)


Varada Sethu was also officially cast as “Belinda“, another companion of the Doctor, for Series 15.

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