Mrs Peace

The Unquiet Dead



Mrs Peace



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The Unquiet Dead

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Jennifer Hill


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Mrs Peace (1783 – December 1869) was an elderly female human who died and was laid to rest at Sneed and Company, only to get right back up again and walk out the door.

According to Mr Redpath, her grandson, Mrs Peace had “good innings” and was “so full of life.” She died on or soon before 24 December, 1869. Her body was taken to Sneed and Company to be buried.

Before burial, though, as her grandson was visiting, a Gelth took over Peace’s corpse, reanimating it. Peace then murdered Redpath and fled to Taliesin Lodge where Charles Dickens was giving a reading – the last place the living Peace had been intending to visit prior to her death. When the Gelth left her body to return to its gaseous form, Mrs Peace’s body collapsed in the auditorium. Her corpse was taken by Gabriel Sneed and Gwyneth and placed in a coffin. Later she rose out of the coffin, alongside her grandson, Redpath, and attempted to kill Rose Tyler before asking for help from the Ninth Doctor. She and the other corpses were later used to trap The Doctor and Rose after the Gelth revealed their true colours, but they were expelled from her body when Dickens turned on the gas mains and were shortly afterwards destroyed completely when the gas was ignited. (The Unquiet Dead)

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