Mrs Flood



Mrs Flood

First Appearance:

The Church on Ruby Road

Other Appearances:

73 Yards
The Legend of Ruby Sunday
Empire of Death

Main Actor:

Anita Dobson


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Mrs Flood was a neighbour of Ruby, Carla, and Cherry Sunday. Despite ostensibly being a normal human neighbour, after the Fifteenth Doctor undid the goblins’ alterations to the timeline, she was in possession of the knowledge that The Doctor’s blue box was a TARDIS.

Mrs Flood woke up on 24 December 2023 to find the TARDIS on the pavement outside her home, 4 Minto Road. She immediately accused her neighbor Abdul of placing it there, despite him denying it. The two briefly greeted Ruby Sunday as she arrived with groceries. Mrs Flood explained to Ruby it was a police box, which she claimed to have not seen on the streets of London in fifty years.

Sometime later, she witnessed the Fifteenth Doctor run out of the Sunday family’s flat and into the box, which disappeared before her eyes. The sight of it disappearing caused her to drop her groceries.

It was at this point The Doctor travelled back to Christmas Eve 2004 to repair the cracked timeline caused by the goblins; while everything was seemingly restored, Mrs Flood inexplicably gained the knowledge of what a TARDIS was, contrasting her earlier understanding of the box.

When The Doctor returned to 2023, she saw him and warmly waved, watching him once again disappear into the TARDIS. When it returned, she observed as he hesitantly approached the Sundays’ front door. Grabbing his attention, she remarked he seemed to be a “busy man” with his “box of tricks”, but noted his sadness. The Doctor remarked he was worried he was bad luck for the Sundays, and bid her a Merry Christmas. He declined to give his name, claiming he was just passing by, to which Mrs Flood told him to take care as he re-entered the box.

Shortly after, Ruby Sunday emerged and asked if she saw where the man went. Mrs Flood encouraged her to enter the box and wished her luck as she set off with the man. Abdul ran out into the street, marveling at the disappearing box, but Mrs. Flood simply gave him a kiss on the cheek and bid him a merry Christmas. Noticing the audience, she wryly remarked, “Never seen a TARDIS before?” and winked. (The Church on Ruby Road)

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