The Mark of the Rani

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The Mark of the Rani


Pages 135
ISBN 0-426-20232-5
Publication Date 12 June 1986


En route to Kew Gardens, The Doctor and Peri are more than a little surprised when they land in the middle of a slag heap in England at the time of the Luddite uprisings.

Unknown to The Doctor, his TARDIS has been dragged off course by The Master who plans to destroy his arch enemy once and for all, and pervert the course of history.

But also present is The Rani, another exile from Gallifrey, who is conducting her own evil experiments on the humans of the nineteenth century. Soon The Doctor discovers that the female of the species is far, far deadlier than the male…




  • Prologue

  1. House of Evil
  2. The Scarecrow
  3. The Old Crone
  4. Death Fall
  5. Enter The Rani
  6. Miasimia Goria
  7. A Deadly Signature
  8. Face To Face
  9. Triumph of the Master
  10. A Change of Loyalty
  11. Fools Rush In
  12. An Unpleasant Surprise
  13. Taken For A Ride
  14. The Bait
  15. Metamorphosis
  16. Life In The Balance
  17. More Macabre Memorials
  18. Cave-In
  19. Birth of A Carnivore
  20. The Final Question

  • Epilogue


  • A deleted scene of the Doctor and Peri in the TARDIS on the way to Kew Gardens is included.
  • The miners are immersed in the bath water before being gassed.
  • The second guard killed by The Master is named as Harry While the rioter captured with Ward is called Dobbs.
  • It is made clear that when The Rani activates the mark on people’s necks it strangles them.
  • The Rani’s rule of Miasimia Goria has been kept secret from The Time Lords.
  • Ward and the others steal a tinker’s cart in order to transport the TARDIS.
  • The Master assures The Rani he will bring Peri back after they have seen the TARDIS thrown down the mineshaft.
  • There is a sequence of Luke treating the wounded after rioting at the pit.
  • Ward tries to kill The Doctor by dumping the contents of a coal truck on him from an overhanging rail, replacing the sequence where he throws a suspended log at him.
  • The Doctor musing being nice to The Rani so she will show him how to remote control a TARDIS is omitted.
  • It is explained that The Master instructed Luke to lure Peri and Stephenson to the dell as bait for The Doctor.
  • After leaving the mine, The Master tells The Rani to set her TARDIS for the pit office, intending to give one of the maggots to Ravensworth and set a trap for The Doctor.
  • An epilogue has The Doctor and Peri making it to Kew Gardens and Peri pondering whether the flowers there are really people

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