The Haunting of Malkin Place

The Haunting of Malkin Place

The Haunting of Malkin Place

Regular Cast

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), Simon Jones (Talbot), Denise Black (Mrs Mountford), Gunnar Cauthery (Maurice), Fiona Sheehan (Beatrice), Rikki Lawton (Tom), Phil Mulryne (Jack)


Whilst on the way to visit the birthplace of MR James, a chance encounter with a spiritualist on a train sends The Doctor and Romana on the trail of a ghost. It’s the most convincing case of haunting he’s ever heard of, he tells them. And so, on their arrival, does it appears to be.

Things go bump in the night at Malkin Place. The voice of a crying child. Birds bursting into flight. Strange movements in a seance.

The Doctor is determined there must be a rational explanation. But is science always the answer to everything?
Written by: Phil Mulryne
Directed by: Nicholas Briggs



  • The Doctor and Romana have previously visited the roaring 20s. (The Stealers from Saiph, The Auntie Matter)
  • The Fifth and Eighth Doctors later utilise Baker Street. (The Haunting of Thomas Brewster, Fugitives)
  • Mrs Mountford mentions goblins, pixies, and elves.
  • The Doctor says the space-time displacement is breaking localised Newtonian laws.
    Beatrice and Maurice are twins. She is 23, meaning they were born in 1899. Maurice was sent to war at 18 and served in Flanders.
  • After letting Jack die in the mud of the trenches, Maurice enters a “tunnel of light, ” a vortex tunnel, and travels from the war in 1917 to Malkin Place in 1922.


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