Morris Gibbons



Morris Gibbons

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The Legend of Ruby Sunday
Empire of Death

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Lenny Rush


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Morris Gibbons was a scientific advisor with UNIT. To get around more quickly, he typically traveled using a high-tech scooter.

Born between 2010 and 2011, Morris became a genius due to an event involving a passing asteroid.

Morris joined UNIT sometime in or prior to 2024. He was present when the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday arrived, hoping to investigate both the mystery of a woman whose face kept appearing to him and Ruby and that of Ruby’s birth.

When The Doctor pointed out that the first initial and last name of Susan Triad formed an anagram of TARDIS, Morris agreed that UNIT had been watching her because of this but that the question was why. When it was further explained that she shared her first name with that of the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan Foreman, he stated that the probability of it being a trap was 95% and rising. He later revised this figure to 96%.

Morris was present when UNIT used their time window to examine the circumstances of Ruby’s birth on Christmas Eve 2004. He wired a VHS cassette up to UNIT’s systems in order to aid in the reconstruction. As they made use of the time window, he monitored the system as the image of Ruby’s mother seemed to glitch and observed a massive chronon surge that occurred despite his best efforts to contain it. He was unable to magnify the image, describing as hands as being on fire when he attempted to operate the control panel.

When Ruby’s mother disappeared from the scene, he observed a massive twister of black sand and orange particles. Overriding The Doctor’s objections, he asked him what it was, drawing his attention to it. As Colonel Winston Lemuel Chidozie spoke from the strange twister, he was unable to obtain any readings and then the time window dissolved.

Later, Morris tried rewinding the VHS tape in order to discover anything he could from it. This led to the discovery of at the heart of the twister shape, The Doctor’s TARDIS itself. Observing this, he stated that the probability of a trap was now 99% and rising, except that the trap was there because the TARDIS was there inside UNIT. He was present in the command room when Sutekh appeared as the entity around the TARDIS. (The Legend of Ruby Sunday)

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