The Greatest Show In The Galaxy






First Seen In:

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy


The Psychic Circus

Main Actor:

Deborah Manship

Main Voice Actor:

Sioned Jones


Morgana was a fortune teller at the Psychic Circus. She also sold tickets at the entrance of the circus tent. (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

Her powers started developing at anearly age, when she discovered she was able to see what was going to happen to some people she knew. The crystal ball served her to direct and control the visions. She lived on Zamyatin, where she had to hide his gifts from the oppressive regime of the planet. When a psychic storm caused the regime to fall, she joined the group of artists gathered around Kingpin, later destined to become the Psychic Circus.

Morgana remained with the Circus until they arrived on Segonax, where she assisted to the progressive decline of the Circus’ soul. She saw in her crystal ball the arrival of the Seventh Doctor, a man who, she thought, was going to destroy the Circus, and Juniper Berry’s death, which she hid from Kingpin. When The Doctor released the Circus from the influence of the Master, Morgana lost the memory of what happened. (The Psychic Circus)

Morgana remained at the Circus even after the Gods of Ragnarok took control of it. When the Seventh Doctor and Ace arrived at the circus, she tried to stop them from entering, but when the chief clown appeared, she was forced to let them in. She was conflicted about sending people to their death performing for the Gods of Ragnarok, and tried to explain this to the ringmaster. However, she did not hesitate to send Whizz Kid into the arena.

The chief clown and the robot clowns later forced the ringmaster and her into two large wicker baskets as part of a magic disappearing act to entertain the Gods. When the wicker baskets were opened, both she and the ringmaster had disappeared forever. (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

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