More Than a Messiah

More Than a Messiah

More Than a Messiah


Majus Seventeen: a paradise world where interplanetary tourists are encouraged to live in simple, wooden cabins amongst primitive but friendly wildlife, a stone’s throw away from a serene ocean.

When the Stranger (Colin Baker) and Miss Brown (Nicola Bryant) arrive, they soon realise that Majus Seventeen is not what the brochures promise. In its dark forests, decaying bodies rise from the ground; bathing tourists are swallowed by an angry sea; and the wildlife is far from friendly.

Not far away, the long-suffering Charlotte Darton (Barbara Shelly) struggles with the eccentricities of her husband Bernard (Peter Miles), haunted by a mysterious girl (Sophie Aldred) whose infatuation with The Stranger eventually threatens the lives of everyone on the planet.

This enthralling sequel to Summoned by Shadows stars a cast familiar to Doctor Who and fantasy fans in a nightmarish adventure wherein nothing and no one is what they seem to be.

“Stunning visuals, great character and a thriller with a conscience.” Gary Russell, Doctor Who Magazine


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