Mission To The Unknown

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Mission To The Unknown


Pages 174
ISBN 0-426-20343-7
Publication Date 21 September 1989


Stranded in the jungles of Kembel, the most hostile planet in the Galaxy, Space Security agent Marc Cory has stumbled across the most deadly plot ever hatched-the daleks are about to invade and destroy the Universe. Cory has to get a warning back to Earth before it’ too late-but The Daleks find him first.

Months later the First Doctor and his companions arrive on Kembel and find Cory’ message. But it may already be too late for Earth-The Dalek’ Masterplan has already begun…



  1. The Toppled Towers of Ilium
  2. The Screaming Jungle
  3. Extermination!
  4. The Nightmare Begins…
  5. No Ordinary Ship
  6. The Day of Armageddon
  7. The Face of the Enemy
  8. Devil’s Planet
  9. Dangers in the Night
  10. The Sacrifice
  11. The Traitors
  12. Counter-plot
  13. Allies
  14. Desperate Measures
  15. Out of Time
  16. Interlude


  • Much of the dialogue is slightly different from the original version but the the information delivered is still the same – the wording is simply altered.
  • When Cory asks Lowery what he knows of the Daleks, he mentions that he hasn’t heard anthing from them since the Movellan War and that the Daleks have invaded Earth a couple of times. The whole concept of the Movellans and their war with the Daleks was not part of the series until Destiny of the Daleks during the Fourth Doctor” href=”4thdoctorpage” title=”Fourth Doctor’s era. The reference to the conflict here approximately dates it 1000 years before the 41st century although, in  Neverland the Matrix contained information about the Daleks and Movellans being engaged in 4-X-Alpha-4 in 4949.
  • Peel mentions the Dalek Prime, an alternative of the Dalek Emperor for the never-produced War of the Daleks  serial, also proposed by Peel. The Dalek Prime appeared briefly for the first time in Peel’s previous novelisation, The Chase and would later do so again in his novelisation  of The Evil of the Daleks(as the Dalek Emperor) and finally in the War of the Daleks novel and a mention in Legacy of the Daleks. Although the Dalek Prime is mentioned here, its second appearance would not happen until the second volume  of the Master Plan novelisation.
  • Some of the descriptions of the delegates are apparently different from how they appeared on-screen. For example, Trantis is described as “a somewhat faceless creature with an egg-shaped head”, even though on he has a fairly human appearance, save for his jagged teeth and eventual tendrils.
  • The final scene of the episode, in which the Daleks and the alliance chant”Victory!”, is omitted and this part of the novelisation ends on the Daleks leaving Cory and Lowery’s bodies. Instead, the next chapter return the action to The Doctor and Katarina as the TARDIS lands on Kembel, transitioning into the beginning of The Daleks’ Master Plan.

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