Miriam Rochester



Miriam Rochester



Place of Origin:




Main Voice Actor:

Rosalind Ayres


Miriam Rochester was the wife of Nigel Rochester, the President of the English Empire in 2003. Although appearing to be a docile and submissive wife, she secretly plotted against her husband and took Commander Farrow as her lover in the hopes that he could eventually overthrow him.

She was obsessed with preserving the values of the English Empire and hit anyone who contracted words. Despite playing the role of the submissive wife to disguise her true personality of a scheming manipulator, she sought to find a new husband who would be more ruthless than Rochester. She secretly plotted to overthrow her husband and wanted the captive Dalek to kill him.

After Lamb brought Farrow’s head to Miriam on the orders of the Daleks, she asked for Lamb’s hand in marriage instead, to which he refused. Miriam later denounced her husband’s regime during the Jubilee celebration and asked the Dalek for its ‘hand’ in marriage as a final bid for power. Tired of her husband’s alleged weakness, she killed him before being exterminated by The Daleks. (Jubilee)

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