Main Aliases:

Bivarity Anomaly Quartz

Affiliated With:

23rd Church of Lucidity


Faith Stealer

Main Voice Actor:

Jenny Coverack


Miraculite was a crystalline entity created by friction in the gaps between two realities, also known as a bivarity anomaly quartz. Somehow, this quartz slipped into the Divergent Universe and was sustaining itself by feeding on the energy generated during REM sleep. The energy generated during a dream was the closest thing the Divergent Universe had to the energies created by reality friction.

Miraculite started a religion called Lucidianism in order to collect the dream energy of its followers. The religion grew quickly and soon became the dominant religion. The dream energy was turned into lucidity crystals to allow for easier energy cultivation by the Miraculite.

The entity created Laan Carder to go out into the Multihaven to gather converts to the 23rd Church of Lucidity. Once Laan ceased to exist, the Miraculite had nothing to anchor itself to a physical form. The Miraculite energy was then dispersed throughout the Multihaven, giving some people hyper intelligent capabilities, while leaving others in a dream like state. (Faith Stealer)

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