Millicent Ferril



Millicent Ferril




Ferril’s Folly

Main Voice Actor:

Madeleine Potter


Lady Millicent Ferril was the owner of an observatory in Norfolk in 2011.

Prior to marrying the late Lord Ferril, Lady Ferril was the NASA astronaut Millicent Drake. while she was on a mission in 1996, a meteorite struck her shuttle. She was the only survivor of the crew but she lost her limbs, which were replaced by metal prosthetics. She began to travel the world and met Lord Ferril in England.

She was annoyed by the recent new buildings near her lands. She had control over metal. She used this ability to capture Romana with some knights. Her hands were made from metal. She stole a sample of the meteorite from NASA While they were”pensioning off.” She could control iron based metals, as the meteorite was made of iron. In fact, it was a segment of the Key to Time. The Cronquist wanted it and used Ferril as their tool. (Ferril’s Folly)

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