Mida Slike



Mida Slike



Afflicted With:

University of Outer Angila

First Seen In:

Mad Dogs and Englishmen


Wildthyme at Large
Enter Wildthyme
Talented Witches
Hang onto Yourself
From Wildthyme with Love

Main Voice Actor:

Ann Bryson


Mida Slike was one of the Ministry for Alien Incursions and Ontological Wonders’ “mysterious superiors”.

Slike was a professor in bastardisation at the University of Outer Angila. (Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

On the 12th of November, 1969, the newborn Paul Magrs dreamt of a party hosted by Dr Oho, which “international spy” Mida Slike attended. (In the Sixties)

In 1976, Slike encountered Iris at a Vince Cosmos concert. (Hang onto Yourself)

She spent a number of years posing as a book publisher, in order to learn secrets about Iris Wildthyme through her companion, Tom’s books. (Wildthyme at Large)

In the 2010s, Slike closed down the Darlington branch of MIAOW after nearly all its staff left Earth. (Enter Wildthyme)

Mida and other members of MIAOW travelled with Iris to Hobbe’s End in 1972, where prevented some witches from summoning the Devil. They later had a party and danced around the Maypole to celebrate. (From Wildthyme with Love)


Slike was a stern woman with a large scaron her cheek. (Enter Wildthyme) She had green eyes. Panda thought she had “splendid boobs.” (Iris Wildthyme and the Polythene Terror)

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