In one unique iteration, the Doctor’s TARDIS featured a console room composed entirely of pieces from various other TARDIS consoles. This console room, rather than having a traditional central console, was a compact space where controls were dispersed across the walls and ceiling.

The exterior of the TARDIS resembled a police box, with the same coloring as that of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth’s TARDIS exterior.

The TARDIS interior features a cluttered collection of various other TARDIS control consoles.

How the TARDIS operated was a mystery, such as how the visitors managed to arrive.


While Ruby Sunday was using UNIT’s time window to find her mother’s identity, the remembered TARDIS from Christmas Eve, 2004 manifested. As the time window was linked to Ruby and feeding off of her memories, the Fifteenth Doctor had Ruby focus on all of her memories of the TARDIS, causing the Memory TARDIS to fully materialise, remembering itself as it did so. The Doctor identified it to his companions as a remembered TARDIS, stating that it was “bits and pieces of every TARDIS that ever was. Held together by hopes, and wishes, and luck.” Although it was a rough ride, The Doctor, Ruby and Melanie Bush managed to use the memory TARDIS to escape as Earth and the universe were destroyed by Sutekh.

After the time window directed them to 2046 to solve the mystery of Ruby’s mother’s identity, The Doctor used the last of the memory TARDIS’ power to take them there with the TARDIS providing The Doctor with a whistle and intelligent rope to use against Sutekh. The Doctor kissed the memory TARDIS’ doors before leaving and thanked it. (Empire of Death)

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