The Keeper of Traken



The Melkurs

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Traken Union

First Seen In:

The Keeper of Traken


The Guardians of Prophecy
Doctor Who and the Keeper of Traken
The Muses
The Astronomer’s Apprentice
Party Animals


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The Melkurs were living, but often dormant, statues, animated to be the army of Malador, a being of “pure evil.” As such, “Melkur” became the name in Trakenite culture given to corrupted creatures who were attracted to the planet Traken, immediately being frozen in stone upon their arrival.

The Melkurs were created by Malador, their minds extensions of his own, allowing him to see and speak through them, though they still possessed their own intelligence and speech. Given the strength of twenty men, they were indestructible. The Sixth Doctor explained that a Melkur could be thrown into a supernova and come out unscathed. They generated a psychic influence called the “lament of the Melkur, ” calling out to their kind in search of their master and of evil. The influence was strong enough to pull The Doctor’s TARDIS towards them. (The Guardians of Prophecy)


The word Melkur literally meant “a fly caught by honey”. The Melkurs attracted to Traken became stone, the peaceful atmosphere of the world rendering them immobile and harmless. Most decayed without causing any long-term harm. (The Keeper of Traken)
Traditionally, a feast took place annually, called the Feast of Melkur, at which those attending participated in poetry, music, dance, recitals and performing arts of all varieties and calibres, to ease its passing. (The Astronomer’s Apprentice)

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