Melissa Heart



Melissa Heart

Main Aliases:

Painted Lady



Place of Origin:



Melissa Heart’s mother


Melissa Heart’s father


Melissa Heart’s brother


The Clockwise Man


Melissa Heart, also known as the Painted Lady, was a revolutionary from Katuria.

Her parents and brother were killed by Shade Vassily, the tyrannical ruler of Katuria and she devoted her life to exacting revenge on him.

Having learned that he was exiled to Earth, she decided to change her Katurian appearance to human in order to be able to blend in. The transformation was not successful due to poor information about humans. As a result, she always wore a mask on Earth, which earned her the nickname “Painted Lady”.

She travelled to Earth with two Clockwork Mechanicals. Not knowing the human appearance of Vassily, she used the Mechanicals to interrogate humans, causing at least two deaths.

Having met the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler at Sir George Harding’s party in London in 1924, she became convinced that The Doctor was Vassily and tried to kill The Doctor on several occasions. Aske and Wensleydale have become collateral damage of her vendetta. (The Clockwise Man)

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