Mutter’s Spiral


Mean Streets



Megerra was a barren planet orbiting a red sun at the edge of the Mutter’s Spiral galaxy. (Mean Streets) The sun’s weak light and the perpertual pollution kept the planet dark. It was very rich in valuable minerals, such as gold, iron, silver, nickel and aluminium, which attracted the mining corporations. (Shakedown)

The only city of any importance was Mega City, which covered most of the smallest continent. It was so polluted only the tallest buildings on the planet reached past the cloud level. Though there were industrial ports around the coasts of Megerra, there was still much empty coastline to the south. Thid coastline was dark and barren, with stretches of marsh. The sea was also highly polluted. The only surviving life forms were either poisonous or carnivorous. To the north of Mega City were the mountains where most of the mining was done. (Mean Streets)


Most of the major mining companies of Earth took advantage of the planet, setting up mines to extract the valuable minerals. As time went on, the entertainment business came to fill the miner’s needs. Eventually, the planet became known for these attractions and became a popular (but dangerous) tourist attraction. (Mean Streets)

In the 26th century, Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej were tracking the Rutan renegade Karne. Karne eventually came to Megerra, where they tracked him to a bank. He murdered the bank manager and then escaped again, though wounded in the process. (Shakedown)

Several years later, Chris returned to Megerra with Bernice Summerfield to investigate the Project, something which Roz had encountered on their first trip. (Mean Streets)

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