Meg Seeley

Spearhead From Space



Meg Seeley



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Spearhead from Space

Main Actor:

Betty Bowden


Meg Seeley was a human civilian of the 20th century and the long-suffering wife of Sam Seeley. Meg and Sam seemed to share a love-hate relationship, and she was always trying to decipher the meaning of his odd behaviour that resulted from his money-making streak. The couple lived at Brook Cottage, near Oxley Woods in Epping.

When Sam discovered a Nestene meteorite, he kept it secret from her. She was later knocked unconscious and her cottage was smashed up by an Auton, which also killed the couple’s dog, Barney, while searching for the Nestene unit. She was discovered by the Third Doctor, Liz Shaw, the Brigadier and Captain Munro and taken to the hospital as a precaution. (Spearhead from Space)

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