Meena Cartwright



Meena Cartwright



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The Longest Night

Main Actor:

Vineeta Rishi


Meena Cartwright was Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom around the year 2005.

Meena was Indian by ethnicity, a Catholic, and very popular with the general public. She was married to a man named Trevor and had at least two children. Major Philip Kirby, the Prime Minister’s press officer, was an enemy of hers – she loathed him for his barely disguised bigotry and his belief that she only got her job out of political correctness.

Around 2005 a series of overnight bombings hit central London, ostensibly as a terrorist attack. Meena and the Prime Minister worked to calm the population. However, the bombings were actually performed by people brainwashed as sleeper agents by ICIS, under the coordination of Major Kirby. Meena turned out to be one of those sleeper agents. During the crisis, she received a phone call activating her conditioning. Shortly after, on national television, she announced her family was being held hostage by an anti-Muslim terrorist group and shot herself “for my people”. The shock was enough to push the Prime Minister into signing authorisation for martial law in the UK under ICIS enforcement. UNIT Colonel Emily Chaudhry, a casual friend of Meena’s due to her work as UNIT Press officer, realised the suicide had been set up to stoke further racial and religious tensions – noting that the event implied Meena was a Muslim, rather than a Christian.

The entire coup attempt was revealed shortly after by UNIT Colonels Emily Chaudhry and Robert Dalton, and the coup was foiled. The Prime Minister was left enraged when Kirby said he’d used Meena because she was “making the place dirty”. (The Longest Night)

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