The Time Meddler

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The Time MeddlerThe Time Meddler


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-20312-7
Publication date

17 March 1988





When the TARDIS materialises on an apparently deserted Northumbrian beach, Steven disputes The Doctor’s claim that they have travelled back to the eleventh century. The discovery of a modern wristwatch in a nearby forest merely reinforces his opinion. But it is 1066, the most important date in English history, and The Doctor’s arrival has not gone unnoticed.

Observing the appearance of the TARDIS is a mysterious monk who recognises the time-machine for what it is. He also knows that The Doctor poses a serious threat to his master plan – a plan which, if successful, could alter the future of the entire world…











  • Prologue
  1. The Watcher
  2. The Saxons
  3. The Monastery
  4. Prisoners of the Saxons
  5. The Vikings
  6. An Empty Cell
  7. Unwelcome Visitors
  8. The Secret of the Monastery
  9. The Monk’s Master Plan
  10. A Threat to the Future
  11. A Parting Gift
  • Epilogue


  • In a prologue, Steven makes his way through the jungle, trying to avoid the Fungoids, and comes across the TARDIS.
  • Although not technically a deviation, the novelisation states quite clearly that The Doctor and the Monk recognise each other immediately whereas the televised story, arguably, gives no such indication.
  • In an epilogue featuring original content, the Monk makes several additional efforts to change the outcome of the Battle of Hastings, after his original plan fails, and before he discovers that The Doctor has marooned him in 1066.
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