Mother Mathara



Mother Mathara

Affiliated With:

Faction Paradox

First Seen In:

Interference – Book One


Interference – Book Two
The Ancestor Cell
The Story So Far…


Mother Mathara was a member of Faction Paradox. She captained the Faction’s surviving warships. (Interference – Book One and Book Two, The Ancestor Cell)
In herearly days of the Faction, she took a lover who tried to prove his worth by going into her past and “hacking out” every terrible event and memory in her life. This left her without any sense of distress, as now she had technically lived her whole life without it, and when their relationship failed, the pain was too much for her to bear. She made sure the man’s mother died in childbirth, erasing all but a few stubborn traces of him from her memory. From that moment on, she would destroy the past events behind any and all collected cherished memories, believing it renewed her. (The Ancestor Cell)

Mathara initiated Fitz Kreiner into the Faction after he was sent through the Cold and arrived on one of the Faction’s warships. (Interference – Book One and Book Two) Olympia considered one of Mathara’s protégés from England to be a “very promising young cousin”. (Newtons Sleep)

Later, Mathara led the Faction warfleet to the planet Dust, accidentally infecting the Third Doctor with a biodata virus during his paradoxical death. She observed the changes in The Doctor’s timeline, already knowing the result of what was done would not be seen until the time of the Eighth Doctor. (Interference – Book Two)

After the destruction of the Eleven-Day Empire, Mathara commanded that her fleet fly into the future. (The Story So Far…) Nearly three centuries into the War in Heaven, (The Gallifrey Chronicles) the surviving Faction members in Mathara’s ships had devolved into a militaristic sect of terrorists. (The Gallifrey Chronicles) Allied with Uncle Kristeva, the fleet went back in time to Romana III’s Gallifrey on the eve of the Event (The Ancestor Cell) to launch a new front against the Enemy. (The Ancestor Cell, The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Mathara and her cultists were obliterated when the Eighth Doctor used the Edifice to destroy all of Kasterborous in an attempt to end the War. (The Ancestor Cell) The fleet fell from the Spiral Politic and their souls transformed into ticking gearwork viruses that turned their human hosts into empty clock faces. (The Story So Far…)

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